GovTrack.US: Kamala Harris is the most liberal politician in the U.S. Senate

The press is campaigning hard for the Biden-Harris ticket. Press coverage of the two candidates after Biden introduced his running mate at a small, controlled event in Delaware went just as Team Biden hoped. The reporters and liberal news anchors waxed poetically about the pair and the push is on to convince voters that Kamala Harris is a moderate Democrat.

Here is the thing, though – Kamala Harris has a voting record in the U.S. Senate and it’s not the voting record of a moderate Democrat. As a matter of fact, ranks Senator Harris as the most liberal in the Senate. Think of the Democrats in the Senate and then wrap your head around the fact that Kamala Harris is more liberal than Bernie Sanders or any of the far-left members of the Senate. is a government watchdog website. It ranks all 100 U.S. Senators with an “ideology score” from 1.0 (most conservative) to 0.0 (most liberal). The score is based on each senator’s legislative behavior. Senators are ranked by how similar the pattern of bills and resolutions they co-sponsor are to other congress members. Not only is Kamala the most liberal but her record also shows that she joined bipartisan bills the least often compared to Senate Democrats. Watch out, Joe, she’s not a team player.

“Members of Congress with similar political views will tend to cosponsor the same set of bills, or bills by the same set of authors, and inversely Members of Congress with different political views will tend to cosponsor different bills,” the website explains. gave Sanders an ideology score of 0.02 and Harris a score of 0.00. together, they ranked as the most liberal members of the Senate. The website said Harris joined bipartisan bills the least often compared to Senate Democrats.

“Of the 471 bills that Harris cosponsored, 15 percent were introduced by a legislator who was not a Democrat,” the website stated.

Kamala is known as a politician who can change positions on policy as quickly as she can change her shoes. For example, Harris co-sponsored Sanders’ 2017 “Medicare for All” plan, and she continued to support it as she ran her own presidential campaign until she got pushback on it. Then she tried to pander to a less radical policy by flip-flopping on the Sanders plan all the way to the end of her campaign. In other words, she has no real policy stances of her own. She tells her audience what she thinks they want to hear from her.

This is no longer Joe Biden’s campaign for president. This is Kamala’s campaign. Biden may be the name at the top of the ticket but Kamala is the person running the show. Just as he would be should he be elected president in November, Biden is a figurehead. He proves that as he willingly allows himself to be pushed to the far-left in his policy positions. He has not come out for Medicare for All but says he wants to tweak Obamacare but that is not where his party is right now. If elected, he’ll bow to pressure to go down the slippery slope of universal health care. Kamala wants to get rid of private health insurance completely. She could take credit and use the issue to run in 2024 for the presidency.

On taxes, she also modeled her policy on Bernie’s. That’s what she does. She “models” her policy from that of others. As I said, she has no real policy positions or ideas of her own.

During her time as a Democratic presidential candidate, Harris’ tax plan was modeled after Sanders’ tax plan. Also, Harris and Sanders both recently supported giving all U.S. citizens $2,000 a month during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

Sleepy Joe needs an aggressive running mate who is willing to distort history in order to win over an audience. That’s why his campaign team chose Kamala. Remember her performance during the Kavanaugh hearings? She was the ugliest of the Democrats who sat on the Senate Judicial Committee during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. She went so far as to threaten him by implying she had nefarious information against him from other law partners that, in reality did not exist.

Yesterday she went into some ugly riffs about President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and we can expect this to be a prominent theme during campaign appearances. This election revolves around how Trump’s leadership during the plague and the economic crash that followed is seen by voters. Kamala conflated the Ebola pandemic with the coronavirus pandemic, though, in order to pump up Biden and his time in the Obama administration. It was a lazy and cheap form of attack. There is no comparison between the two. This is how she thinks she scores points. She won’t convince Independent voters with illogical arguments. Team Joe and Kamala will try to pin the economic collapse on Trump’s incompetence but Americans are not stupid. They know that the virus caused an economic shutdown. Team Trump has to continue to blame the Communist Chinese for the pandemic and the economic collapse that followed. While Sleepy Joe was busy describing Trump as a xenophobe, Trump was shutting down air travel from China to stop the spread of the virus through travel.

The press will be Kamala’s biggest cheerleaders. Taking marching orders from Biden’s campaign and activists, they are performing as told. Team Biden isn’t even denying that the mask has dropped – the press is following orders and working alongside the campaign for Joe. “We did it, guys.” Biden’s deputy campaign manager and communication director gave the press “virtual high fives”.

This is a Harris-Biden ticket. Joe Biden won’t be challenged as to why he chose her, given her past accusations against him. The press will have amnesia about a lot of things. Harris called him racist over his past votes and association with segregationists in the Senate and she said she believed Biden’s accusers who came forward about sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. More than anything, this shows that Joe is not in charge. His minders are calling the shots. The press is going along and lending a hand to the campaign. If it takes describing the most liberal person in the U.S. Senate as a moderate, so be it.

Despite the fact that the only people in the audience at the event Wednesday were members of the press, there were no questions taken. Kamala even got in a shot at Fox News. That’s how this game will be played from now through November. Biden will be sheltered from the press and there will not be a peep from them about it.