Eric Trump posted a video of Robin Williams joking about Biden, then Zelda responded

Eric Trump posted a video of Robin Williams joking about Biden, then Zelda responded

Eric Trump posted a video clip on Twitter that shows the late comedian, Robin Williams, doing some stand-up jokes about Joe Biden. At the time of the video, Joe Biden was vice-president and the year was 2009.

It’s a funny clip, to be sure, because Robin Williams is saying the same things about Joe Biden that everyone else does, even his supporters. The man sounds like his medication isn’t quite properly adjusted. Who among us hasn’t had that thought? Williams calls him “rambling Joe Biden” and jokes about Biden misspeaking when he referred to Barack Obama as Barack America, and also Biden’s reference to FDR and television. These were all standard jokes for comedians back in the early days of the Obama administration. Eric Trump oversold his tweet, though, by saying that Robin Williams “savages” Joe Biden. Especially in comparison to today’s hyper-vicious political atmosphere on social media, the bit by Robin Williams is downright tame. Most importantly, it’s funny.

So, in a political year like 2020, with a presidential election coming up before we know it, posting a tweet at the expense of Joe Biden by a legendary comedian is a no-brainer – especially if it is done by one of the candidate’s adult children. That is what Eric Trump did. Eric runs into trouble, though, because his father is Donald Trump. Trump has a very long history on Twitter, as well as in the world of celebrities. There is an old Trump tweet about Barack Obama or Obama’s administration for just about everything for which Trump himself is being criticized now.

Here’s the thing – Robin Williams was a very funny man. His delivery of jokes was often in a manic, ADHD riddled kind of manner. In my opinion, he ranks right up there with Richard Pryor and George Carlin. Williams and the others were funny because they took on everyone in their acts. It didn’t matter if the subject of the joke was male, female, gay, straight, Republican or Democrat, everyone was treated with the same amount of irreverence. That is exactly how most people like to be entertained with comedy acts. None of them left the impression that they were trying to savage their target.

Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin, responded to Eric Trump on Twitter. As she did so, she reminded him that his father was the butt of some of her father’s jokes, too.

Upon seeing Trump’s reposting of her father’s comedy show, Zelda Williams replied to the tweet.

“While we’re ‘reminiscing’ (to further your political agenda), you should look up what he said about your Dad. I did. Promise you, it’s much more ‘savage’. Gentle reminder that the dead can’t vote, but the living can,” she wrote.

Robin Williams joked about Trump as many others do. I sure don’t think that Trump would have been offended at the time as, say, how he was after Barack Obama delivered some punches to him at the White House Correspondent’s Association dinner in 2011.

The “Mrs. Doubtfire” star mocked Donald Trump in a 2012 routine, years before the businessman and reality TV star launched his 2016 presidential campaign.

“This is a man who said, ‘my daughter is hot.’ Even people in Arkansas went, ‘that’s f—–g wrong. That’s just way out of place,’” the comedian says in a video posted to YouTube by SiriusXM in 2018.

“And that f—–g hair, my god. I believe the hair is the Donald. I believe the body’s a maintenance system for the hair,” Williams continued.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the death of Robin Williams. Yesterday Zelda posted her annual announcement that she would be logging off of social media to observe the date. She also posted the names and phone numbers of organizations that help people suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Here is a clip of Williams going after Trump: (NSFW)
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