'Target Tori' is paying it forward for 'Kroger Andy' and it is so 2020

In January, a Target store manager named Tori Perrotti learned the hard way about what happens on social media when an angry customer turned to Twitter to punish her for doing her job. The angry jerk was David Leavitt, a self-proclaimed “Award-Winning Multimedia Journalist”. He tried to purchase an expensive electric toothbrush for 1 cent, claiming it was in a clearance bin. The whole episode, after he doxxed Perrotti on Twitter, went badly for Leavitt. Support overwhelmingly went to ‘Target Tori’ and she ended up with a tidy sum of $34,000 from a GoFundMe page set up by supporters.

Tori Perrotti enjoyed a lovely vacation in Hawaii – the GoFundMe page was set up with the goal to give Tori a vacation after the ordeal – and she started a social media campaign, urging her Twitter followers to “Pause, Be Kind.” So, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that she has paid her experience forward and come to the aid of ‘Kroger Andy’ a grocery store manager who found himself in the middle of a Twitter fury at the hands of a dissatisfied customer. Tori set up a GoFundMe page for Andy who can now use a vacation, too.

A woman named Danielle Muscato was shopping in a Louisville Kroger store and came upon a woman who was not wearing a face mask. Ms. Muscato flipped out enough to demand the woman put one on and referenced the store’s mask policy as justification for getting in the other woman’s business. The woman refused to do so and Muscato found Andy to complain about it. She was further triggered when Andy went to talk to the other woman but didn’t insist she put on a face mask, or so she says. She decided to doxx Andy on Twitter and posted pictures of him with his name tag in view. Allegedly, the other woman threatened Muscato.

Muscato said that since the other woman wouldn’t wear a mask, she shouldn’t be allowed to purchase her groceries. Not mentioned was whether the woman has a disability that exempts her from wearing a mask. Surely she was noticed when she entered the store.

“It’s the law AND there’s a pandemic,” Muscato wrote. “The right thing to do would be to tell them they cannot check out and must leave for threatening another customer, and aren’t allowed back. Even if they weren’t willing to go that far, they should have said we won’t ring you up without a mask. It’s the law and it’s store policy.”

Danielle Muscato also demanded the store’s video footage but Andy refused to give that to her. After she doxxed Andy on Twitter, normal people responded as normal people do – they stuck up for Kroger Andy, just trying to do his job. And then Target Tori stepped up.

Andy, whose last name has not been made public, received a lot of support on Twitter following Muscato’s post. One person known as Target Tori, who said she herself was publicly shamed as an employee in the past, started a fundraiser for Andy. She wrote, “I’m raising money to Send #krogerandy on a vaca. Okay everyone…let’s do it again!!!!! #PauseBeKind #kroger #andy.”

Donations started coming in for Andy’s vacation just as happened for Tori. As I write this on Sunday morning, the total raised for Andy is $18,514 – the goal was for $5,000 to be raised.

Tori also offered to be someone for him to talk to, as she has been through a similar experience.

Let’s hope Kroger Andy is able to enjoy a nice vacation after all this blows over and also when travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have ended. Meanwhile, it looks as though Ms. Muscato is a professional agitator, a very angry woman who makes a living doing this kind of thing.

Muscato is an activist, a transgender woman, the host of the RESIST podcast, a public speaker and a writer according to her website. Her Patreon account states that “ACTIVISM IS MY FULL-TIME AND ONLY JOB, and I depend on income from writing, public speaking, and my supporters to survive!”

There’s no doubt Kroger Andy will not be the last regular retail worker to find himself in the midst of a Twitter storm for just doing his job. This is 2020 and it is how things are done now. The fact that the other woman didn’t put on a face mask after Andy spoke with her leads me to think she had a reasonable excuse for not doing so. Nonetheless, it was his decision to make as the store manager.

It looks like Tori has found Andy. Nicely done, Tori.

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