Meghan McCain is returning to 'The View' but will she vote for Biden?

Meghan McCain is annoyed. Why do people keep asking her if she will return to The View after her maternity leave? The ABC daytime talk show is currently on summer hiatus until September. She will be on maternity leave this fall.


The show has been hosted remotely with the cohosts appearing from their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Meghan appeared on Bravo channel’s Watch What Happens: Live With Andy Cohen. During a question and answer segment, a viewer asked her if she planned to return to The View after her maternity leave. This question set her off and she expressed her irritation with it.

Host Andy Cohen read a question submitted by a viewer, “Jenny … wants to know if you’ll continue working on ‘The View’ after your baby is here,” which prompted a fiery response from McCain.

“Why does everyone ask me if I’m getting fired or quitting every 20 seconds? No other host has to deal with this B.S. Yes, I’m coming back, it’s an election cycle,” McCain snapped back.

“I hate this,” McCain added.

Well, she is asked that question all the time because she is the only conservative voice on the show. She is up against some hyper-liberal women sitting around the table (pre-pandemic) and most often is alone in her opinions. This is not to say that she doesn’t also agree with the other women at times – especially when it comes to trash-talking President Trump – but for the most part she speaks up with a more conservative opinion on current events. This leads to heated discussions and that is what the show revolves around, the headlines the discussions produce. It is a part of Meghan’s job to create interest in the show by doing her part to gin up controversy.


Meghan McCain has a temper, just as the other women do, and there is often speculation that she’s had enough aggravation and will leave the show. Frankly, it is what the liberal audience that tunes in to the show hopes for with each of the show’s conservative cohosts. The audience would be perfectly happy with only liberal hosts. There is usually just one conservative among the cohosts, though for a while there were two – Meghan and Abby Huntsman. Huntsman, too, is a Never Trump Republican. The audience demographic for the show is not conservative women.

The fact is that Meghan is comfortable arguing about politics. She is a product of a political family. She has a love of politics and is not bashful about giving her opinion on anything. John McCain was loved by the liberal media until he ran for president as the Republican nominee. Then the media went back to loving him again after he lost to Obama. His popularity with the press was never higher than during his time being an anti-Trump Republican member of the Senate. Meghan McCain feels the same disgust of Trump. She will not forgive him for remarks he made about her father during the 2016 election cycle. So she and Abby Huntsman benefit from political fathers. This favoritism is as old as time. Jenna Bush Hegar has a job as co-host on NBC’s Today show. The Cuomo kid has a show on CNN. The list goes on.

Meghan brings the spice to the show. I am not a viewer because I don’t need the headache that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar give me, but I do see video clips from the show on social media. There are times I wish Meghan wouldn’t appease the other women and be a little more strident in her conservative opinions because none of them even try to appease her. That’s how it is though, right? Conservatives are the ones expected to bend, not liberals because they truly believe they are our intellectual and moral betters.


So, it was only normal that Meghan also got a question about if she plans to vote for Joe Biden in November. She has been very open about her love for Joe Biden, a longtime family friend. She often says he is like a father to her. Joe Biden appeared on The View to give his first interview after he announced his candidacy for president. “Thrilled that Vice President @JoeBiden will be giving his first exclusive interview since announcing his run for President with us @TheView table tomorrow morning,” McCain wrote on Twitter. “It’s no secret of my love and friendship with Joe – and I can’t wait to talk to him tomorrow.”

“He is a very special man. I disagree with him 75% politically, but there is a level of decency and character that reminds me of my dad,” she continued, before adding “become someone I really have turned to when I feel the world is falling.”

Well then, is she voting for Joe? It should be noted that her mother, Cindy McCain has voiced her love for Biden, too, yet is not endorsing him for president.

Cohen then asked McCain, an anti-Trump Republican, if she is voting for Joe Biden.

“I’m not saying who I am voting for … but I am not voting for Trump,” McCain said before saying she’s curious to see who Biden selects as a running mate and how he handles himself in the debates.

“I’m such a last-minute, I mean, I’m so spoiled because I’ve loved so many elections and this one is not my favorite for a lot of different reasons,” McCain said.

Who else would she vote for? Kanye? That is who actor Jerry O’Connell jokingly told her to vote for after her answer.


I’ll end with this little quote I heard this morning from a newspaper columnist. She perfectly described how most of us view Joe Biden. New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said, “If Joe Biden was your grandfather you would very gently take away his car keys.” ‘Nuff said.

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