Media hails Wall of Moms as Portland heroes. Here's why they are not.

Don’t believe the hype. The mainstream media is playing usual idiots in a new narrative being promoted by the violent far left. The story goes that a group of everyday moms has become so distraught over the violence in Portland that they have come together to form a Wall of Moms. Here’s the twist- they show up to the protests that have been overtaken by Antifa and other agitators to protect the bad guys from the good guys, not the other way around.


I think we are getting a glimpse into the nature of the problems in Portland. Antifa began in the city several years ago and apparently it flourishes there because of the support they get from locals. It’s a generational problem. Moms are joining their kids in acts of violence and destruction. None of this started with the Black Lives Matter demonstrations after the death of George Floyd, nor will the group’s actions end when the summer of unrest comes to an end. Antifa simply takes advantage of the political climate and adds to the strife.

Major news outlets, like the Washington Post, are publishing pieces on the moms to pull at your heartstrings. Gee, they are just moms who want to protect children of color and work against racism. George Floyd cried out for his mom as he died. I’m not making light of that. I’m simply pointing out that it is one reason used as the last straw before some of them became active.

Many of the mothers say they were summoned when George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis in May, cried out for his mother with his last breaths.

“When you’re a mom you have this primal urge to protect kids, and not just your kids, all kids,” said Wall of Moms organizer Jennie Vinson, 43. “To see a grown man reaching out and calling for his mother — I think that was a transformational moment for so many of us. It’s like: What choice do we have but to do this?”

Angie Noriega, 43, attended her first protest on Monday with a group of seven other mothers who piled into two minivans and drove downtown. Noriega, a health-care worker who has two black children, ages 3 and 7, said after weeks of avoiding attending protests in person due to the coronavirus pandemic, seeing the moms of Portland mobilize inspired her to get more involved.

“It’s been such a struggle to balance being afraid, but wanting to do the right thing for my kids,” she said, her voice cracking with emotion. “I want to be a role model for them, someone they can be proud of. But I also want to make it home safely.”

Before she left home, Noriega’s 7-year-old daughter begged her not to leave. She’s old enough to understand the risks of facing off with heavily armed police officers, Noriega said.

“But we talked about that and I said, ‘Sometimes we have to be brave and do the right thing even when it feels scary,’ ” Noriega said.

As Rachel Weishaar, 34, was preparing to leave her home on Tuesday, she said, her 3-year-old offered this wish for her mother’s safety: “Tell the police officers to be more gentle,” the girl said.


So, Ms. Weishaar made a sign with the child’s quote and held it outside of Portland’s federal courthouse. Feel all warm and fuzzy yet? Well, don’t. While some of these women may have good intentions, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, many do not. Wait. No, I won’t. They know they are taking the side of the agitators. They are Antifa. Don’t let the bike helmet-wearing women fool you. They are Momtifa, if you will.

Many of them wear yellow t-shirts and the Twitter account of Andy Ngo points out that they are recognizable members of Antifa with less than peaceful intentions.

You get the picture. The Trump-hating, leftist-loving media is being used as a useful idiot for violent anarchists hell-bent on destroying America by any means necessary. Women in other cities under violent attack by the left have formed Wall of Moms groups, too. This is an orchestrated effort. It is not as it is painted – just some concerned moms out to protect their children from racism.


WaPo reports that the night before this protest, the moms gathered to sing a “lullaby” outside the Multnomah County Justice Center, the site of the county jail and police headquarters. “Hands up, please don’t shoot me.” Yes, the words long-ago debunked from the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri yet still used by protesters. By the newspaper describing the action as singing a lullaby, it plays to emotions, not reality.

This rube fell for it:

A group of men came together to come to the aid of the women, carrying leaf blowers. No, really. The leaf blowers were meant to be used “to help stop tear gas from police from affecting other protesters, specifically the Wall of Moms organization.” You can’t make this stuff up, y’all.

Portland dads wear orange shirts. They call for safety. I’ll let that bit of irony go, as images of law enforcement being battered and bloodied by violent thugs springs to mind.

Prior to the start of the protests, the PDX Dad Pod Twitter account posted a tweet that read, “come stand up for your town, your neighbors, your kids. Look for the other orange shirts, use the buddy system. And remember, safety first.” The tweet also includes a photo which shows the leaf blowers the dads were carrying and different details about the protest on Tuesday night.


This is why Portland and other cities are devolving into uninhabitable places. The lunatics are running the asylum. The next generation was raised by people who think law enforcement is the problem, not the criminals. Anarchists infiltrate demonstrations and these “moms” normalize the civil disruption by softening their violent tendencies with images of children and parenthood. It’s disgusting. Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have thrown in with Antifa and other anarchists for political reasons. They hate President Trump and his attempts to promote law and order more than they care about their communities and the taxpayers there. This is the worst kind of politics. And, none of this has anything to do with George Floyd.

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