International insult: Statue of Melania Trump is canceled in Slovenia

A life-size statue of Melania Trump was unveiled in Rozno, near her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia, on July 5, 2019. It is a wooden statue, carved out of a living tree with a chainsaw. A year later, that statue has been removed. The desecration of statues is an international action of our moral betters in the cancel culture.

The truth is, this may not prove to be a crushing loss to the community. The insult of the statue being burned on July 4th was the action meant to grab a headline or two. Frankly, it was an ugly statue, carved in Melania’s ‘likeness’ not easily recognized but for the powder blue coat and shoes painted on the wooden statue like the new First Lady wore during the inauguration ceremony and parade afterward. The face of the statue wasn’t that of Melania’s. The sculpture’s commissioner at the time said he understood why some thought the sculpture “falls short as a description of her physical appearance” but he thought it was beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

“You know what makes her resemble Melania?” a woman who went to see the sculpture asked. “Look at how high she climbed to the top, just like real Melania, who rose to the top of America. A little girl from Sevnica. Hats off to her.”

The statue was carved from the trunk of a linden tree by Ales “Maxi” Zupevc after being commissioned by artist Brad Downey, an American artist based in Berlin. It wasn’t even a gesture made to honor the American First Lady. Downey sounds disgruntled with President Trump’s immigration policies and used the statue of his wife, herself an immigrant, to start a conversation about immigration policy.

While Americans celebrated the 4th of July, someone set the statue of Melania on fire. The police notified Downey on Sunday and he had it removed, as the flames had blackened it. Downey wants to know who did it.

Downey, 39, said he had filed a police report and would like to interview the culprits, if found, for a film he is preparing ahead of his exhibition due to open in Slovenia in September.

“The investigation in this case has not been completed yet so we cannot reveal details due to the interest of further procedures,” police spokeswoman Alenka Drenik told Reuters.

A wooden statue of Donald Trump was also burned in Slovenia last year, in the city of Moravce.

Even overseas, the cancel culture feels entitled to destroy whatever suits their fancy at that moment. Added into the mix, especially in this case thanks to an American, Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to move people to act in dishonorable and destructive ways.