'Sharpiegate': Melania Trump's 4th of July celebration dress heckled, backfires as you knew it would

President Trump and First Lady Melania traveled to South Dakota Friday to kick-off the 4th of July celebrations with a visit to Mount Rushmore. The First Lady, as always, was perfectly dressed. Yet, to the Trump haters, her high-end designer dress was mock-worthy. The critics are now being mocked themselves, rightfully, for their tone-deaf ugliness during a celebration of our nation’s 244th birthday.


It takes a certain kind of partisan disagreeability to criticize the fashion choices of Melania Trump. It’s really only lobbing criticism for the sake of doing so. Those who are so obsessed with hating President Trump and wishing him out of office go after Melania as a way to get at him. It’s a cowardly way of attacking the president but this is 2020 and nothing good can ever be said of the First Couple. When it comes to Melania, though, and her appearance, the criticism is simply laughable. Case in point – the dress she wore to the celebration at Mount Rushmore.

Melania Trump wore a dress by haute couture designer Alexander McQueen. It was a simple white dress with black markings as the design. Did President Trump take out his black sharpie and scribble on the white fabric during a moment of boredom, asked the Trump critics?

A candidate for the West Virginia state senate weighed in.


I guess they thought their tweets were clever and smart. Perhaps, because it was later in the evening, adult beverages were catching up with them. Who knows? The tweets soon brought some comeuppance from those who knew about the dress and the story behind its creation. It delivers a message of unity during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. The dress was a creation of young fashion students in college. The dress is called Dancing Girls Dress.


It seems however that Alexander McQueen have gone above and beyond with introducing new initiatives to keep the fashion community connected during lockdown. Their recently introduced #McQueenCreators project has been as massive success on social media, bringing the fashion family together under one hypothetical McQueen shaped roof.

A sense on community is something that has always been close to the heart of the house. For their SS20 collection the McQueen team worked alongside Central Saint Martin’s MA students and The Stitch School to create the Dancing Girls Print, a print now synonymous with the collection as a whole and emblematic of McQueen’s commitment to collaboration.

Continuous, spontaneous sketches of dancing girls were created in a life-drawing class held at the educational space at the Alexander McQueen London flagship store last year.

This dress has a greater meaning. Every single member of the team contributed to the embroidery by hand on this dress becoming a true symbol of what the brand stands for. Alexander McQueen aims to nurture and contribute to the success of young designers and creatives, and this sense of community that went towards one single dress proves this.

I think Trump loyalist and Melania fan James Woods did a good job expressing what most of us feel who appreciate how well Melania Trump serves as First Lady.


Here is a tweet of approval of Melania’s choice of attire during the 4th of July celebration at the White House Saturday.

A Canadian columnist noted the constant criticism coming Melania’s way.

“If you think your holiday obligations are endless, consider, for a moment, Melania Trump,” observed a Canadian columnist, who noted that Mrs. Trump’s job comes with “no paycheque and a chorus of criticism.”

The CBC also noted how Melania is dissed around the clock while most political spouses in other countries fly under the radar. “It’s ridiculous to expect the spouse of a president to be a domestic superstar,” the CBC remarked.

I’ll end with this tidbit – another Trump supporter reminds us of a former First Lady’s fashion choices.

Melania Trump is the best-dressed First Lady this country has ever had, whether you like her or not. She represents the United States well. She has surpassed the gold standard of fashionable First Ladies, Jackie Kennedy, much to the left’s dismay. Best of all, we aren’t talking about First Gentleman fashion and Bill Clinton.


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