Hillary in Berlin: Sure, I'll vote for the nominee ... even Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton attended the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival, promoting the Hulu documentary series Hillary. She did as she has been doing lately – she trashed President Trump to an overseas audience.


You may remember it was in this four-part documentary that Hillary Clinton goes after Bernie Sanders. She said he’s someone that no one else wants to work with and no one likes him. She said he doesn’t get anything done and that he is just a career politician. Good heavens. Hillary is really lacking in any self-awareness at all. She’s getting worse with age.

“I’ll wait and see who we nominate, and I will support the nominee. And I think it is imperative that we retire the incumbent.” It wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of anyone but she was able to go on record as being in support of the candidate that ultimately ends up running against President Trump. She even tried to sound like a tough woman against the Russians.

When it came to Russian interference in the 2016 election, and Russian President Vladimir Putin in particular, Clinton was more forthcoming. Noting that her political opponents did a “very good job” of raising “all kinds of phony issues, exaggerated issues” to distort her public image with American voters, Clinton said Putin was not deceived.

“He knew exactly who I was and what I would do to stand up for freedom and decency and to create a strong relationship among Western democracies, particularly across the Atlantic. To defend Europe to defend NATO,” Clinton said. “He knew exactly who I was. So when he ordered his intelligence service to go after me and say anything negative they could possibly say — and we have intercepts of quotes from the generals to their operatives in the intelligence agencies to do just that — it wasn’t because he was fooled or didn’t understand me. It was because he wanted to defeat me.”


Yes, Hillary. Putin did know who you are. He knew you were the rookie Secretary of State who presented his foreign minister with a large red plastic button in a gesture that was meant to represent a re-do of the U.S.-Russia relationship. The wording on the button was incorrect and that embarrassing episode was the least awful thing you did while in that job.

An interesting tidbit in the reporting is that when she was introduced to the audience, there were cheers but there were also boos. Protesters chanted “Hillary to hell!” Is the tide turning for ole Hillary, even in Europe?

Asked about her old pal Harvey Weinstein’s conviction on charges of rape and sexual assault, she wasn’t nearly so tough. She brushed off the question by saying Weinstein always supported Democrat campaigns. Never mind that the talk of Weinstein’s behavior was rampant among the elites with whom he socialized and worked.

“I think the jury’s decision speaks for itself,” she said. “It was time for an accounting, and the jury clearly found that.”

Asked about Weinstein’s support for her presidential run, Clinton noted that the disgraced film producer “supported every Democratic campaign,” including those of Barack Obama and John Kerry.

When asked if campaign donations should be closely scrutinized, in light of the criminal behavior of Weinstein, she essentially said, “Nah, just take the money.” She’ll never change.

Asked whether Weinstein’s donations to her presidential campaign meant that there could be more scrutiny placed on the sources of those donations in the future, Clinton pointed out that Weinstein had also donated to the Obama, Kerry and Gore campaigns, and insisted that “I don’t know if that should chill anyone else from contributing to political campaigns, but it should end the kind of behavior that he was convicted for.”


In Berlin, she called President Trump a “clear and present danger to democracy and to our country”, which is really quite a statement from a former secretary of state. She knows that is the kind of statement that tarnishes the opinion of foreign leaders against the American president but she is too obsessed with her own bitterness to censor her comments.

Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving. She isn’t going to leave the stage, no matter how crazy she gets in public. She says there is more work for her to do and more for her to speak out about every day. I don’t know what that work might be but I’m sure she’ll have something to say about it.

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