Singer owns the libs with her Trump-inspired gown at the Grammys

A singer/songwriter known for her enthusiastic support of President Trump often shows her support with fashion. Joy Villa is known for causing a stir on the red carpet before the Hollywood award shows. She did not disappoint fans at the Grammy Awards last night.

The 62nd Annual Grammy Award Show was held at the Staples Center and aired on CBS. During the Red Carpet portion of the night, a prelude to the award show that is also televised, celebrities show off their attire. Joy Villa flaunts her support of Trump and conservative politics by wearing gowns with a pro-Trump message. It has come to be expected from her by the photographers covering the event.

Villa walked the red carpet and stopped for photographs. She started out with a long white coat trimmed in blue with white stars over her evening gown. Then, as she progressed down the red carpet, she ditched the coat and revealed a red, white, and blue gown. Her message was loud and clear – “Trump 2020” was spelled out in white letters on the front of her red sequined gown. As she turned around to show the back of the dress, the message “Impeached and Re-Elected”. No, there is nothing subtle with her, which drives the liberals nuts. That’s the point. In a crowd who despises everything about conservatives and conservative politics, Villa pokes a finger in their eyes and smiles.

A little bit of “Impeach him” can be heard from the crowd watching her but mostly the photographers were scrambling to get a good shot. Some were coaching her so that the gown received full exposure.

The gown has the phrase “Trump 2020” in white crystal lettering running down the front of the bodice and the words “Impeached and Re-Elected” on the back. Both the gown and Villa’s white coat with cape sleeves, crafted of surplus white mesh sports fabric that a company donated to designers in Portland, according to the musician, were custom-made by Desi Allinger of Desi Designs, as was her red ostrich feather hair accessory.

Allinger tells The Hollywood Reporter: “The collar of Joy’s latex dress was inspired by a neckline on a dress by Alexander McQueen, and the coat is inspired by our first lady [Melania Trump] — I just picture her in this. So yeah, USA!”

In past appearances on red carpets, Villa has worn dresses with themes that included “Make America Great Again” in 2017 and “Build the Wall” in 2019. In 2018 she wore a pro-life message. She partners with ViralPAC, an organization that funds conservative artists to support Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Villa likes to feel like, well, Miss America when she wears her political statements.

“I feel like Miss America in this; it’s all couture,” Villa told THR before the awards show, adding, “He’s going to be the first president in history to be impeached and re-elected.” She described impeachment as “a total sham,” explaining that the process was “confusing most Americans.”

Asked whether she had shared her fashion plans with Trump in advance of the show, she said, “He’ll be surprised. I just told Ivanka and the White House that I’m going to wear something to be supportive. I don’t let anyone know the message beforehand.”

Created and sent to her by a fan, Villa’s glittery black handbag is embellished with a beaded red, white and blue Republican elephant motif, while her Uplift by Lily pumps are decorated with a patriotic stars and stripes flag pattern.

The award show’s venue – the Staples Center – made for some bittersweetness noted during the opening of the ceremony, given the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others earlier in the day. Singer Alicia Keys was the host and noted that the evening was devoted to Bryant in “the house that Kobe Bryant built.” She took an opportunity at the opening of the show to do a song in tribute to those lost in the helicopter crash and added a zinger to President Trump. Because, of course.

Tonight, we must unite in spite of all the news that we’re seeing. It’s like so crazy I don’t even watch TV. Commander in chief impeached. Ya’ll get out. Let’s bring Cardi B in. Cause music changes the world, just like Beethoven said. Old dude in a wig but I still give him some cred. There’s just too many lies, too much hate, too much spin, it’s when good people do nothing that the bad guys win.

They can’t help themselves, even when they are trying to focus on tragedy.