Reactions from the left: They hate Trump more than the bad guys

Iranian Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force is dead. The reactions from politicians on the left on social media as the news broke Thursday night was eye-opening. The question is, is the left’s hatred of President Trump stronger than their appreciation of his order to take out the evilest man alive?

When the U.S. embassy compound in Baghdad was attacked on New Year’s eve, the media was quick to label the terrorists as “protesters” who were angry over American airstrikes that killed 24 members of an Iranian-backed militia. The media was hesitant to call them what they were – terrorists, not mere protesters. The left quickly established a narrative that would be heard on cable news shows and seep into network news reports. Was the attack on the American embassy in Baghdad Trump’s Benghazi?

The answer is no, of course. The Resistance is so desperate to find fault with Trump during any event that they eagerly hoped that his Benghazi moment had arrived. The differences between the events in Benghazi and Baghdad, though, are stark. The embassy in Libya was overtaken, the embassy in Baghdad was not. Obama and his administration blamed that attack on protesters angry over a video. Troops were kept away from that event, not sent in. If you remember, a YouTuber was arrested and jailed over Obama’s false narrative of that thirteen-hour attack.

President Trump responded to the attack in Baghdad directly to the leaders in Iran. He placed the blame on their shoulders and told them that the consequences were coming. There should not have been any doubt that Trump would respond. He is diligent about showing he is not a weak leader who is all talk and no action. While Obama drew a red line and then backed down when he threatened Assad over chemical attacks on his own people in Syria, Trump did not. He ok’d an airstrike. So, this reaction from the Trump administration shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Soleimani was killed in Baghdad, there was not an incursion into Iran by the American military to take him out. Also killed was top Iraqi paramilitary commander Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes who was riding in the convoy with Soleimani. Soleimani is said to have been plotting attacks on U.S. military members and diplomats in the region, according to the Department of Defense. No one should shed a tear over Soleimani. No one should be swayed by the objection made by the left that Soleimani helped Americans fighting against ISIS. Before and after that assistance, Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of six hundred American soldiers.

His supporters will turn Soleimani into a martyr and that will likely increase tension in the region. The hand wringing quickly began in social media. President Trump’s opponents responded by voicing fear of retaliation and anger that Trump’s actions weren’t announced to Congress in advance to seek permission. At the time the tweets launched against Trump last night, the criticisms were simply partisan slams against him. The details of who was and wasn’t briefed on the event beforehand were not known.

Chris Murphy is a perfect example of the absurdity coming from the left. During the attack on our embassy in Baghdad, he taunted Trump by saying the attack happened because no one is afraid of the U.S. Now he’s the one afraid of a “potential massive regional war”. He can’t have it both ways. The war on terror wasn’t started by Donald Trump.

Joe Biden was the first 2020 presidential candidate that I saw respond on Twitter. He said Trump just “tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox”. My advice would be to do the opposite of anything Biden proposes. As Bob Gates, former Secretary of Defense during the Obama administration said of Slow Joe, “He has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Elizabeth Warren called it a “reckless move”.

Bernie Sanders labeled it “a dangerous escalation”.

Ilhan Omar vows to “stop him”, whatever that means.

It is as though none of them understand that Americans have been dying at the hands of Iran. Obama’s deal with Iran delivered the money to them to carry out their nuclear capabilities and their war against America and our allies. This isn’t new. All of this lamenting that now Americans will be in danger is a bit much. Where have the leftists been, for heaven’s sake?

The State Department is telling Americans in Iraq to leave.

And, of course, tweets coming out of Hollywood are ridiculous. No one should ever take the rich and famous in the entertainment business seriously about political opinions. This actress thinks the Trump administration is a terrorist regime. She says “We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us.” You can’t make this stuff up. All she has to do is leave the country if she is so oppressed. She is free to do so, unlike Iranians under an actual terrorist regime.

President Trump’s tweet was the best one. I’ll take it over any tweet from the ugly left any day.