California dreamin'- AOC hits the beach with Bernie Sanders in Venice

Bernie Sanders may be putting a focus on winning over older voters but he won’t do that by campaigning with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in places like Venice, California. That is what he did Saturday.

AOC was her usual overly-excited self as she warmed up the crowd for her “Tio Bernie”, as she calls him. (You can buy the t-shirt.) Like Bernie, she went after Mayor Pete and his line about Democrat candidates who demand a purity test of other candidates. Buttigieg accused Elizabeth Warren of that in the Democrat debate Thursday night in Los Angeles. She and Bernie rely heavily on class warfare rhetoric to sway their audiences.

“For anyone who accuses us for instituting purity tests — it’s called having values,” the freshman representative said at a Bernie Sanders rally. “It’s called giving a damn. It’s called having standards for your conduct to not be funded by billionaires but to be funded by the people.”

“I can tell you as a member of Congress when people say that there is no difference between being funded by a handful of wealthy people and being funded by small grassroots donations,” she said.

“Let me tell you something, I go into work all the time and I hear people say ‘what will my donors think’ I hear that phrase. I hear and I see that billionaires get members of Congress on speed dial and waitresses don’t.”

Bernie included a diss to Mayor Pete’s fundraiser in a wine cave and of course, he talked about “political revolution” and “transforming this country”.

“Our campaign is not only about defeating Trump, our campaign is about a political revolution,” Sanders said. “It is about transforming this country, it is about creating a government and an economy that works for all people and not just the 1 percent.”

“We don’t have a Super-PAC, we don’t want a Super-PAC,” he said. “We don’t go to rich people’s wine caves. This is a campaign of the working class of this country, by the working class and for the working class.”

Bernie was on a roll in California. He was wrapping up a six-day campaign swing through the state, with the debate on Thursday in Los Angeles, and he racked up a lot of endorsements along the way. It’s not surprising, given the popularity of his brand of socialism in the state. He even received the endorsement of People’s Action, a coalition of 40 progressive groups that represent more than 1 million members in early-voting states and others across the country. He also received the endorsement from the Center for Popular Democracy, a left-wing group 600,000 members in total. That’s got to hurt Elizabeth Warren, Sanders’ competition for the far-left socialist voters.

The latest endorsements ticked all the right boxes for the party of identity politics.

The campaign released endorsements from 40 elected officials, more than 80 community leaders and more than 200 academics in the Golden State as polls show a tight race in the California primary.

Among the endorsers are city council members, mayors, town supervisors, professors of political science and history, and activists from LGBTQ, environmental and civil rights groups. The latest list builds on 86 earlier California endorsements from union groups and other local officials.

Then, AOC and Bernie traveled to Las Vegas for a rally held at a high school. That event included the appearance of UFC lightweight Kevin Lee, who introduced the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz. She is Bernie’s National Campaign Co-Chair. Yikes! Remember how incompetent she proved to be after Hurricane Maria? She led the crowd in a chant – “Si se puede” — ”Yes, we can”.

Lee, you may remember is a big BernieBro, who trolled President Trump when he attended UFC 224 in November.

Interestingly, this likely relates back to Lee’s knockout victory over Gregor Gillespie back at UFC 244 on November 2nd. Immediately after scoring one of the best head kick knockouts of the year, Lee posted a photo of the knockout with the caption “BERNIE SANDERS YOU BASTARDS.”

President Donald Trump was in attendance that night for Lee’s spectacular knockout, which seemingly prompted the post.

To the crowd of 2100 who packed the school’s gym, AOC claimed that people viewing her and Bernie’s far-left policies as “radical” just don’t want to shake up the status quo. She apparently still doesn’t understand why Trump was elected – he campaigned on shaking up the status quo and going a non-traditional route on just about everything.

“The reason (progressive policies are) seen as radical is because these policies are dangerous to the established order in the United States of America,” she said.

Bernie and AOC want to turn America into Venezuela and nothing about these two rallies will convince older voters who understand the severe consequences of socialism to vote for him. AOC can turn out younger voters and Hispanic voters but her appeal only goes so far. I wonder what job AOC is looking for in a Bernie Sanders administration. The two of them together are, in fact, dangerous.