Jezebel squawks: Conservative Squad is "a clan of four white women"

Four conservative women have stepped forward and banded together as an alternative to AOC and her squad of freshman members of the House of Representatives. All four are candidates running for office – they are not currently members of Congress. What is the left’s biggest complaint? All four women are white.

Jessica Taylor of Alabama, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, Beth Van Dyne of Texas, and Michelle Fischbach of Minnesota are all running for seats in the House in 2020. Jezebel, a liberal women’s website, published an article bashing the four conservative women after all four appeared together on Fox and Friends. All four are accomplished women already but to read the piece, you’d think they are a bunch of randos chosen primarily because of their skin color. Republicans are racists, you know.

AOC and her squad have nothing on these conservative women. A quick glance of their resumes shows that all of them have plenty to offer as a member of Congress. Jessica Taylor, 35, is an attorney and a small business owner. She has a good ad out that introduces her to the voters in Alabama.

Nancy Mace, 42, has the distinction of being the first female to graduate from The Citadel. She is a South Carolina state representative. She has a strong America First message, and she worked for the election of President Trump in 2016.

Beth Van Dyne, 48, is running for the seat now held by Rep. Kenny Marchant. He chose to not run for re-election in 2020. She is a graduate of Cornell University. Before entering politics, she ran her own marketing firm. She is a former member of the Irving (TX) City Council and the former Mayor of Irving. She entered politics because she was not happy with how her council member handled a zoning case that affected her neighborhood. She ran against him and won. Then she ran for mayor and won the election, too. In 2017, as she was finishing her second term as mayor, President Trump appointed her to be a U.S. Housing and Urban Development regional administrator overseeing Texas and its four surrounding states. She is a strong advocate against illegal immigration.

Michelle Fischbach, 54, an attorney, was the first female president of the Minnesota Senate, also served as Minnesota’s Lt. Governor. She hopes to flip the seat to GOP control. She’s an advocate for stronger border security measures, opposes new gun restrictions and supports laws limiting abortion.

So, you can see that none of these women are slouches. All are young (ish) and appeal to voters who are wary of the socialist messages coming from the Democrats and The Squad.

The Jezebel piece, though, focuses on racial identity because that is a priority for Democrats. Experience and temperament? Not so much. AOC, you’ll remember, was a bartender and recent college graduate when she ran for office. There is nothing wrong with working in the food and drink industry but her rise in the party has been for her embrace of straight-out socialism and government control of everything at the expense of taxpayers. Rashida Tlaib is known for her vulgar language and temper tantrums that are captured on camera. Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semite and has some real issues of fraud and corruption being investigated. Ayanna Pressley goes along to get along, it seems, with the other three. She’s the weakest link of the foursome – she sometimes sets herself apart from the rest. For example, she endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president, not Bernie Sanders as the others did. The author didn’t like the Fox and Friends segment with the conservative women – shocker, I know – and mocked their efforts because so few of the women lawmakers in the House are Republicans.

Women of the right are certainly organizing for Trump, but they’re not necessarily making their way to Capitol Hill: Of the 102 women elected to Congress in 2018, only 13 were Republicans. This has somehow left Republican women stumped, despite research showing that the demographic and values shifts have increasingly made Republican politics irrelevant or flat out dangerous to many Americans under the age of 40.

But the Conservative Squad is trying to change that, one Republican scare tactic at a time.

“Scare tactics”. Perhaps that opinion arises because the women call themselves a conservative alternative to The Squad. Their ads and interviews include references to The Squad’s preference for socialism. And, instead of embracing more women stepping forward and running for office, they are criticized for their values, which makes them “flat-out dangerous” to the under 40 crowds. Freedom and national security is scary to liberals as it goes against their mantra of government controlling every aspect of our lives and American sovereignty. To make a big deal of all of the women being white is petty and lame. It begs the question – would AOC and her Squad be so prominent in House politics and garner all the attention they get if they were not women of color? Probably not. They would likely be back-benchers and not given the spotlight.

The Jezebel piece was just another chance for a liberal woman to slam conservative women for a different political philosophy. Remember when all women were told to support Hillary Clinton because there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t support other women? Yeah. That only applies to liberal women who support other liberal women. I’ll be happy to welcome these women to Congress if they win their races in 2020.