Al Gore is here to bore us all again with climate change hysteria

Environmental alarmist Al Gore, a.k.a. the former vice-president, popped up Wednesday night at Vanderbilt University in Nashville to lecture about climate change. He spoke at the kick-off of a global event called “24 Hours of Reality”.


The event continues on through Thursday as a project of The Climate Reality Project, founded by Gore in 2006. He claims 20,000 climate activists he’s trained will present their own takes on climate change in more than 1,700 locations across the globe. The Climate Reality Project is a non-profit organization. He garnered an audience of about 1,000 people.

During an interview with NewsChannel 5 the former vice president talked about how young people are taking a strong stance against President Trump’s decisions impacting climate change, including his decision to pull out of the Paris agreement.

“That decision is still in the hands of the voters and of course that means the climate crisis melds with the democracy crisis, said Gore. “And I’m hoping that whatever one’s political party they will get active and support candidates who care about the future and realize we’ve got to solve this.”

Gore gave lip service to a preference for remaining non-political in his remarks and then delivered political opinions. Once a politician, always a politician.

Gore said he tries to avoid partisan politics at his climate presentations. He made a point of praising Vanderbilt’s College Republicans for calling on the Republican National Committee to change its stance on climate.

But he said many current U.S. politicians need to be unseated.

“We need to really clean house. Change is not happening fast enough unless we change policy,” he said. Later he added, “To change our policies, we’re going to have to change our policy makers.”


Of course, he had a few words about Trump administration policy as he tied his remarks in with illegal immigration.

Gore took aim at Trump’s characterization of the Central American migrants coming to the U.S. Gore called them “climate refugees” and said many are fleeing drought.

“The reason they’re leaving is because they’re hungry,” Gore said to applause. “They’re not rapists and terrorists. They’re hungry and they’re trying to feed their families.”

Apparently, Al Gore wants the masses of humanity to protest over Trump’s political appointments, too. But he doesn’t want to get political.

Gore said the U.S. is suffering from a “democracy crisis” caused by the influence of special interests on politicians.

“They put a coal lobbyist in charge of the EPA, for God’s sake. The fact that there is not widespread outrage about that is a symptom of our weakened democracy,” he said.

Gore also compared climate change to military battles and terrorist attacks because no comparison is too extreme among this cult of true believers. He is a fan of the Green New Deal – the inspirational blueprint for the end of capitalism and personal freedom in America. I’m surprised he didn’t have AOC along with him.

Gore called climate change “the life and death struggle of people alive today,” comparing it to 9/11, Pearl Harbor and such World War II battles as Dunkirk and Midway. Such an existential crisis demands an “aspirational set of goals,” he said, expressing support for the Democrats’ sweeping Green New Deal proposal to combat climate change.

The Green New Deal calls for the virtual elimination of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming by 2030, by shifting U.S. from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“I think it’s a very effective and brilliant branding because it conveys the idea that the solutions to the climate crisis have to be on the scale of the New Deal,” he said.


Bless his heart. Al Gore has been trying to make climate change alarmism a thing since 1976. As a freshman congressman, he held hearings on global warming, as climate change was called back in the day. He appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Tuesday and was his usual political self.

Former Vice President Al Gore remarked Tuesday that America’s divided political base has led the country to its most “dangerous” moment in recent history.

Gore argued during an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that President Trump was responsible for an “all-out assault” on “American values.”

“I honestly believe, Seth, that all joking aside, this is the most dangerous time for the United States of America I’ve ever seen in my lifetime,” Gore said.

“There is just a radical all-out assault from Donald Trump on the values of America, the norms of America, the rule of law in America.”

I would argue that the Green New Deal is “a radical all-out assault” on the American people. The young people who support it and also Gore’s brand of alarmism are a product of a generation of American educational attempts to normalize socialism at the expense of capitalism. The irony is that Gore has enriched himself from the movement – and capitalism. He even won a Nobel Prize.


This event also gave Gore a chance to call for the elimination of the Electoral College. Not surprising given the popularity of that idea among the left today after the 2016 election. Gore, you may remember, was defeated by George W. Bush after a loss in the Electoral College but a win in the popular vote in 2000. The battle for Florida was epic that year, with the Supreme Court declaring the winner.

The topic then transitioned to the electoral college. The former vice president said he would prefer popular vote.

“I do think overall our democracy would be healthier if we did shift to a popular vote.”

I don’t think people in middle America agree with Al Gore on the importance of the Electoral College in our system of democracy (our Constitutional Republic) any more than they agree with him on the Green New Deal. Yet, he persists.

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