Barron Trump didn't go to the World Series, Twitter strikes out

Not only was President Trump booed as he arrived to watch the World Series Sunday night in Washington, D.C. but he has also set off his critics because his son, Barron wasn’t with him. On Twitter, “Barron” is trending as I write this. I’d like to go to bat for the teenager and join in with those asking that Barron Trump be left alone.

Children of elected officials – especially the underage ones of the President of the United States – are off-limits. Period. The kids didn’t sign up for a life in the spotlight and the least that adults can do is allow them to cope with the stress public life presents in private. The Obama girls were allowed privacy as they grew up in the White House. Barron Trump deserves the same courtesy. He’s thirteen years old. Life is difficult enough at that age, much less growing up with all of America watching.

Trump made an appearance at Nationals Park for Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday, where he was promptly jeered as live footage of him showed up on stadium screens. His wife, First Lady Melania Trump, and several Republican members of Congress were in attendance in his suite at the Houston Astros-Washington Nationals matchup, but the president’s youngest son was nowhere to be seen.

Scolds on Twitter decided to tear into the president for not bringing along Barron. It was just one more chance for the anti-Trumpers to go after him. Trump’s entourage consisted of Congress members plus First Lady Melania Trump.

“Dude” didn’t bring any of his other children, either. Maybe Barron isn’t a baseball fan. Maybe he doesn’t like large crowds and noisy events. Or, I would argue, maybe Barron’s parents anticipated how the president would be welcomed – with boos and jeers – and they decided a thirteen-year-old didn’t need to hear that ugliness directed toward his father in person.

President Trump and Melania didn’t bring any of the Trump kids – most are grown adults with their own families – nor did they bring any of the grandchildren. Some on Twitter mocked the decision to exclude the younger Trumps and Rep. Matt Gaetz was mocked as Trump’s “little Matt” by many. Here is how one of our Hollywood betters mocked Gaetz. If the name isn’t familiar, don’t worry. No one else remembers the aging actor, either. He was in some television shows, back in the day.

Another Hollywood actor had a more mature opinion, which is refreshing in the Age of Trump.

Some spoke up for Barron and reminded the haters to keep him out of social media.

Don, Jr. spoke up for his young half-brother. He pointed to the fact that Trump only got 4% of the vote in Washington, D.C. so clearly the crowd wasn’t going to be a friendly one.

The blue checks and media on Twitter were gleeful when Trump was booed and when the crowd chanted, “Lock him up!” This was the same day that Trump announced that a major ISIS player was killed by our military. To the Trump deranged that dwell in the swamp, trashing the president at a major sporting event televised across the country was a perfectly normal thing to do. There is no expectation of respect for the office, if not for the man, with that crowd. This is why Americans outside of D.C. feel no connection to them. Basic human decency goes out the window if political points can be scored, even at a baseball game. The people sitting in those seats paid a lot of money to be there. They are the most entitled of the entitled class. It showed.

As a very happy Astros fan, I’ll end with this tweet from my friend, Sandi:

Go, Astros!