Ted Danson arrested with Jane Fonda during Capitol Hill protest

He was not in The Good Place but fellow protesters applauded as actor and climate change alarmist Ted Danson was arrested Friday on Capitol Hill. As promised, Jane Fonda was joined by Danson for the latest Fire Drill Fridays protest in hopes of getting arrested.

The Cheers star was downright giddy over the prospect of having his hands zip-tied and led off to a police vehicle. Like fellow actor and Friend of Jane Sam Waterson, Danson had reached his seventh decade of life without getting himself arrested. He was ready for that to change. It did.

Danson’s arrest, along with the other merry malcontents joining Hanoi Jane on the steps of Capitol Hill, was documented with a thread on Twitter.

Fonda asked a group of “very buttoned up college kids” if they wanted to join in and Danson said getting arrested “sharpens the mind”. How would he know if this was his first time?

Ms. Jewell tweeted that she could hear police laughing in their vehicle. Mission accomplished – Danson was arrested.

Danson and his actress wife Mary Steenburgen founded Oceana, an ocean advocacy group in 2009. He has been active as an environmental extremist but apparently protests weren’t his thing until he joined Fonda in Washington, D.C. This week’s focus for Fire Drill Fridays was on the protection and restoration of oceans. He spoke to the crowd about the oceans during the protest. Jane Fonda lectured about the usual talking points, as is her style, and as Ms. Jewel tweeted out the day’s activities, she noted that Fonda spoke about people getting along just fine before the invention of plastic. Jewell did a bit of a literal fact-check, as Fonda used the Royal “we” in her statement. Ms. Jewell tweeted, “There was a time when there was no plastic,” says Jane, “and we did just fine.” (Plastic was invented before she was born but popularized in the 1960s I believe) Fonda was born thirty years after the invention of plastic. The beginnings of the invention of plastic were in 1907. Fonda was born in 1937. It was interesting because it is rare to find someone documenting a celebrity protest and doing a little on-the-spot fact-checking. Too bad it was limited to the use of grammar.

Fonda is drawing a bigger crowd as her stunts continue. She started out with about a dozen like-minded protesters three weeks ago. Capitol Police report that they arrested 32 people on Friday. She wore the same red coat as in previous weeks but this week she didn’t wear a hat.

The Capitol Police confirmed to E! News, “Today, the United States Capitol Police arrested 32 individuals for unlawfully demonstrating in the intersection of East Capitol and First Streets. All were charged with D.C. Code §22-1307, Crowding, Obstructing or Incommoding.”

It is hard to take the Hollywood folks seriously. Fonda, when she first announced she had moved to Washington, D.C. for four months to organize weekly protests over climate change, made it sound like some kind of politically correct extended vacation. Ted Danson was unable to wipe the smile off his face and was really excited to be arrested. Fonda is able to do it because she has the financial means and a career that allows her the freedom to indulge in protesting. Professional protesters, like Medea Benjamin, show up, too. Fonda promises to keep it up until January. We’ll see if colder weather puts an end to all this first before the new year.

In true Hollywood style, Jane Fonda accepted an award while she was being arrested. The drama, you know. Jane Fonda received the Stanley Kubrick Award for Excellence in Film at the BAFTA’s Friday. The actress thanked the British Academy of Film and Television Arts via video. It is the pinned tweet on BAFTA Los Angeles Twitter account.

The show must go on.