Hanoi Jane arrested in D.C. for protesting... climate change

In between filming Grace and Frankie for Netflix with her pal Lily Tomlin, actress and traitor Jane Fonda is promoting a recently published book, “On Fire: The Burning Case for the Green New Deal” by Naomi Klein. She has made a time commitment of four months to shill for the book and call her latest theatrical production “Fire Drill Fridays”.

Jane Fonda and 15 others protested on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. Besides the optic of an embarrassingly small group of supporters, there is also footage of Fonda being handcuffed and escorted away to an awaiting police vehicle. She accomplished her goal of being arrested as a publicity stunt for her latest cause. Her personal website has a video cut by the actress that is 7:36 minutes in length. Jane Fonda and Naomi Klein have found a way to cash in on Greta Thunberg and her merry band of child climate change activists. Democrats are the worst when it comes to exploiting children for political gain.

Fonda is “inspired” by Greta Thunberg, you see, and so she has moved to Washington, D.C. for four months to “host” Fire Drill Fridays. Each Friday a protest will be held at 11:00 A.M. on the steps of the Capitol. She has speakers lined up, too, which include some celebrity friends like Ted Danson, the aforementioned Lily Tomlin, Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues), and Kyra Sedgwick among others. There will be digital teach-ins, too, for those not willing to be publicly humiliated alongside the 81-year-old Fonda.

The focus, of course, is a huge governmental expansion to destroy the fossil fuel industry while promoting jobs in the renewable energy sector – and the jobs must be unionized jobs. Her reasoning – which I’m assuming is Klein’s reasoning – is that individual action isn’t enough. Personal actions like recycling and driving an electric car are not enough. We are in a “collective crisis that demands massive collective action now.” That’s code for a government takeover of the energy industry and taxing everyone out the wazoo along the way. “If we’d known 30 years ago the transition could have been incremental and moderate.” Fonda’s inner commie is alive and well, comrades.

The irony is not lost on those of us old enough to remember back thirty years ago. This climate change hysteria began as scientists predicted a new Ice Age that never arrived. Al Gore made a fortune on the backs of gullible believers who fell for his inconvenient truths which weren’t truthful at all. Fonda points to the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that calls for “profound, systemic economic and social change” because at best we have 11 years before the tipping point. Cue the scary music. Will actresses on hiatus make these same speeches 30 years from now when the Green New Deal hysteria is analyzed?

The left’s favorite whipping boy, Big Oil, is called out by Fonda. The industry that has brought more freedom and prosperity than any other by producing electricity and energy around the world must now be destroyed. “We were lied to and hoodwinked by the fossil fuel industry into believing that the earth was ours to endlessly exploit without consequences even though Exxon Mobil and their ilk knew all along that they were inflicting irreparable damage.” Sorry, Jane, the oil and gas industry is among the most heavily regulated industries on the planet.

She moves on to the “empathy crisis” in America. Our social fabric is unraveling so she will be including the topics of racism, misogyny, and colonialism in her re-education lectures. Empathy rich jobs include nursing, teaching, and health care. Fonda briefly mentions environmental justice and the military but thankfully she spares us any deep thoughts on that subject. There was no mention of straddling anti-aircraft guns in protest.

Fonda admits the Green New Deal will cost a lot of money but so did the bailouts of the banks, car companies, and insurance companies. The New Deal during the 1930s and the Marshall Plan cost a lot of money, too, she says. Her solution is to begin by ending subsidies to fossil fuel companies. Other than that, she offers no suggestions. Jane Fonda is good at reciting her lines – the talking points someone wrote for her – but not so deep when it comes to expanding on any policy matters. When she looks into the camera in her video, she looks oh so sincere.

So, Fonda is taking a little vacation and going to be a climate change activist now. She’s moved to Washington, D.C. to make the biggest splash. I look forward to the videos of her confronting Republican lawmakers as they try to step into an elevator. Maybe she will sit in on some hearings and the camera can catch her taking notes while furrowing her brow. Maybe she’s jealous that a much younger Alyssa Milano is getting all the attention on Capitol Hill these days. She’s doing something.

“We have to ensure that the climate crisis remains front and center,” Ms. Fonda said. “I’ve been feeling that I wasn’t doing enough.”

Ms. Fonda vowed to return to the Capitol, saying that she was moving to Washington for the next four months out of a sense of urgency and moral outrage.

“The same toxic ideology that took this land from people who already lived here, that kidnapped people from Africa, turning them into slaves to work that stolen land, justified it by saying that those kidnapped and displaced people were not human beings, cut down the forests and exhausted the natural world just as it did the people — this foundational ideology is the same one that has brought us the human-driven climate change that we’re facing today,” she said.

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