Trump trolls U.N. 2019 Climate Action Summit... perfectly

Trump trolls U.N. 2019 Climate Action Summit... perfectly

A hint was delivered Monday morning when White House Press Secretary and communications director Stephanie Grisham made her first appearance on Fox and Friends. She casually mentioned that yes, President Trump might just drop in on the U.N. 2019 Climate Action Summit since, you know, he’d be in the building anyway.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped in and stopped by. We’ll see what happens. His schedule is ever-changing but it wouldn’t surprise me if he pops by.” With that Grisham left open the possibility of Trump “popping in” during the part of the programming of the United Nations meetings today that the administration maintained he would not – climate change. As she said, his schedule shifted a bit and he popped in for about 14 minutes to listen to one speaker in particular.

Guess which speaker he chose to pop in for? His new bestie, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. You may have seen reports of their visit Sunday in Houston during the city’s “Howdy, Modi!” rally. It was quite something to see – the leaders of the world’s two largest democracies holding hands and walking onto the same stage. Their words were of mutual admiration for each other. Most importantly, Trump was taking the opportunity to reach out to over 50,000 Indian-Americans who most likely voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Modi’s unapologetic praise of Trump may sway some of them to vote for Trump in 2020, we’ll have to wait and see. So, it is a particularly pointed jab in the eye of the global climate change scolds that he spent a few minutes listening to Modi’s speech delivered to the world leaders.

Trump took a seat in the auditorium next to Vice-President Pence to listen to Modi’s speech. He was present to hear Modi say, “The world needs to act now.” That ‘s a little ironic, right, since India is a huge producer of carbon emissions while the United States has met and exceeded its goals of carbon emission reduction. The world has gone mad with organized protests and this movement is happy to exploit children as the face of it.

The summit culminates a week of international protests and marches aimed at drawing attention to the climate crisis. In New York City 1.1 million children were excused from classes to attend the Global Climate Strike rally. Organizers say around 250,000 people turned out in New York. Thousands filled the streets of San Francisco (40,000), Denver, (7,500), Boston (7,000), Chicago (3,000), Portland (2,000) and Washington, D.C., among other cities.

Protests continued on Monday in Washington, D.C., where activists shut down major intersections and disrupted the morning commute.

Similar scenes took place worldwide in cities including Berlin (270,000), London (100,000) and across Australia (about 100,000 in Melbourne).

What President Trump so aptly does is show that withdrawal from a feel-good international agreement on climate change, which had no teeth as far as enforcement of it went, isn’t necessary for reducing carbon emissions. Conservatives are supportive of measures to manage the harmful effects of climate change but not in the way that liberals call for. We do not wish to go back to pre-industrial revolution days. Taxing everyone into poverty, which would destroy American businesses and innovations, is not the way to go. And, most conservatives don’t intend to let world leaders determine how we live here in America, thank you very much. Liberals love to hate Big Oil, for example, but the energy industry has been pro-active for years in developing environmentally-friendly alternatives to oil and gas drilling and exploration. The common-sense solution isn’t to “leave it in the ground” but to drill, baby, drill.

President Trump angers the leftists who would dictate how we live when he doesn’t fall for the emotional groupthink. As a businessman, he knows the downfall of over-taxation and restricting free markets. The party of science falls back on emotions instead of reason and that is why they exploit children to deliver their message.

So, President Trump popped by and gave the global climate change part of the U.N.’s agenda today a whole 14 minutes. He did it as he supported an ally, he hopes, in trade deals and friendship. It can’t be said he ignored the agenda. That’s pretty perfect if you ask me.

I was a bit surprised to see Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg standing in the background when President Trump and his entourage arrived at the United Nations at the start of this week’s session. He stopped for questions from the press and there she was, standing off to the side with her adult handlers. She was looking angrily at the president. She was in the building to deliver her own speech to the adults.

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