Hillary Clinton gushes over American-born Royal everyone hates

Hillary Clinton proves once again just how tone-deaf she can be. The latest example is with the headlines coming out after an Instagram post on Friday. She took a moment or two out of her weekend to praise the charity work of Duchess Meghan a.k.a. Duchess of Sussex. Also, a.k.a. Meghan Markle, an American actress, and social justice warrior.


Meghan landed herself a royal catch – Prince Harry, son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Harry is the prince who will never be King of England. The new duchess has developed quite a trail of ugly press reports in England, exhibiting diva behavior and treating staff poorly. You can see why she would fit the profile of someone Hillary Clinton would gush over.

The 71-year-old presidential wannabe is spending the weekend in Italy at a conference hosted by an Italian think tank, The European House – Ambrosetti. For some reason, she is an invited speaker. The theme is “Intelligence On The World, Europe and Italy” according to the press release. Perhaps Hillary saw some reporting on Duchess Meghan coming to the end of her maternity leave and starting up her charity work again next week. Naturally, Hillary seized the opportunity to insert herself into the story. She is “inspired” by Markle’s work with Smart Works, a charity that provides clothing and coaching for women seeking employment.


Markle has designed a fashion line of workwear to aid the charity and will make her public comeback with a visit to Smart Works to promote it.

All of Meghan’s charity work appears to have touched the former US secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate. Hillary shared a photo of Meghan hugging another woman on Instagram on Friday and sang her praises in the accompanying post. She said: “I’m so inspired by how Meghan Markle—aka one half of @sussexroyal—is representing the U.S. in the U.K. and on the world stage.”

She added: “Meghan’s new project: Helping @SmartWorksCharity equip women who have been out of the workforce with the office essentials they need to feel confident in job interviews and beyond. The ability to earn their own paycheck is a key part of women’s economic, social, and cultural equality, and it can all start with some smart suits.”


Bless her heart. Hillary probably wouldn’t have caused a stir as a participant in this Italian think tank’s conference but she cleverly used social media to grab some headlines in Europe. How did she do that? Well, it may be because of the fact that Meghan and Harry hired Sara Latham as head of communications on their staff. Latham is a former senior adviser to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. The Washington D.C. swamp crossed the pond. Latham is a dual citizen and has a work history in both countries.

Latham worked with the Democratic nominee during her 2016 presidential campaign. She also served as chief of staff to John Podesta, the chairman of Clinton’s campaign.

She had an integral role in vetting candidates for Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, USA Today reported.

She also worked for Bill Clinton in the White House in the late ’90s. According to her LinkedIn, she was special assistant to the chief of staff and deputy assistant to the president and deputy director of scheduling from 1996 to 2000.

USA Today called Latham a “longtime Democratic fixer.” In 1996, she was recruited to assist with Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign, and 2008, she helped Podesta arrange secret interviews for President Obama’s prospective cabinet members. The Telegraph reported that she was part of the POTUS’s “transition team” when he was first elected to office.


Apparently Latham has been hired to fix the press stories about Meghan. Good luck with that.

Hillary isn’t the only American public figure in attendance at the conference. Also there and publicized as speakers are Senator Lindsey Graham and Cindy McCain, according to the press release. Cindy McCain is debating Marcus Kerber, German Vice Minister of the Interior, Building and Community. The subject is listed as Today’s Social Challenges. I wasn’t aware Mrs. McCain is a debater.

Graham and Clinton are scheduled to deliver speeches under the heading of Country Focus USA. The conference boasts “We are honored to be hosting an official delegation of five members of the US Senate and House of Representatives” which means American taxpayers probably paid for this Italian adventure. It’s good to be a swamp-dweller.

I’d be willing to bet that Hillary takes the opportunity to slam President Trump over something or the other during her little speech. Think of how tickled her pal Meghan would be, given how she was such a big Hillary supporter in 2016. It would be more headlines for the woman who is still unable to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election.

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