Alyssa Milano announcement: Fundraising to flip Rust Belt states in 2020

Never mind the huge protests in Hong Kong that I cannot look away from on my television screen, never mind the political stories in America from the campaign trail, never mind a potential economic recession lurking, actress/activist Alyssa Milano has an ANNOUNCEMENT. I know it has to be important because she typed it in all caps. She also used red light emojis.


What is it now, Alyssa? Oh. It’s a new vanity project being funded by other people’s money. It’s “her” #2020Fund but you can pay for it.

Milano is partnering with Movement Voter Project, which will match $1 million in donations. She is targeting Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in the 2020 presidential election because above all else, the bad Orange Man must be defeated. The money raised is to fund grassroots efforts in these states for voter engagement projects.

“Let’s start working together now on something we can all agree on: defeating Trump in the three states where he just barely won in 2016,” Milano said in a video on the fund’s website.

“These organizations empower youth, immigrants, women, people of color, and communities facing the worst of Republicans’ horrible policies,” she wrote on the website. “They fight tirelessly on the issues AND Get Out The Vote.”

She has a “brilliant new strategy” to stop Trump in these swing states and wants you to know about it. She’s counting on support from all the usual suspects because identity politics is a totally new idea for Democrats. Yes, she sounds that naive. Bless her heart.


The organizations in Michigan for which Milano will be raising money include Detroit Action, Michigan Liberation and Mothering Justice Action Fund. The Pennsylvania organizations for which she’s fundraising are 215 People’s Alliance, Pennsylvania Stands Up and Pennsylvania Student Power Network. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin-based organizations are Black Leaders Organizing Communities, Leaders Igniting Transformation Action Fund and Voces de la Frontera Action, Inc.

She calls this fundraising initiative the “most compelling strategy” to defeat the “orange-haired guy”. Wait. I thought his skin color is orange. I’m so confused. The appropriations from the money raised are vaguely described. It includes supporting volunteers, hiring staff, and canvassing neighborhoods. Translation: they have to raise money to pay for “volunteers”.

The missions of the organizations that will receive money from the fundraiser in Michigan sound just as vague as they intersect with standard grievances of those in perpetual victimhood. “Birth justice”? This is the pro-abortion crowd.

Detroit Action fights for political power and racial and economic justice for working-class Detroiters.

Michigan Liberation is dedicated to leadership development and the creation of campaigns to advance racial, gender, economic and criminal justice reform statewide.

The Mothering Justice Action Fund advocates for affordable child care, birth justice, earned paid sick time, family medical leave insurance and raising the minimum wage.


According to Morning Consult, Trump’s approval numbers in Michigan are down 20 points, down 17 points in Pennsylvania, and down 20 points in Wisconsin. Trump has some campaigning to do. Look for him to be in these states often between now and Election Day 2020. As a matter of fact, he is in Pennsylvania today to tour a petrochemical plant.

I’ll end with this tweet from Milano. Monday was her daughter’s fifth birthday. She takes the opportunity to ask for yet more donations – this time for UNICEF. Her daughter is cute, if not a little bored, like most five-year-old kids.

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