Joe Biden's awful week of gaffes: "Look I misspoke"

Joe Biden did not have a good week by any measure if his gaffes are any indication. The gaffes covered a range of territory from Creepy Uncle Joe moments to Crazy Ole Joe did it again. It is not unrealistic to wait for another gaffe to come from his mouth today. Biden has a very long history of being a gaffe machine.

Are you not entertained? Between wild conspiracy stories after the alleged suicide of Jeffery Epstein Saturday and listening to the Democrats running for president call President Trump a racist, a white supremacist, and the mastermind of a reign of terror against brown people, it is saying something that Joe Biden’s gaffes still cut through the chatter. They do, though, and I’m loving it. I know that the left wants the myth of the lovability of Biden to carry forth, possibly leading to his nomination to be the Democrat presidential candidate, but the truth is, I’ve never thought the man was anything other than a career politician who was consistently wrong – especially on foreign policy – throughout his very long career. There is no warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart for him.

So, Saturday Biden had to admit he “misspoke” while delivering a racial slur against poor kids Thursday. He was speaking to a group of Asian and Hispanic voters that day and said that ‘poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.’ The implication was Biden said that no white kids are poor. He did quickly try to correct himself but the damage was done. His verbal recovery just sounded like a sop to Democrat identity politics. Joe is nothing if not predictable.

‘Look, I look I misspoke. I meant to say wealthy,’ he said Saturday. ‘I’ve said it 15 times. On the spot, I explained it. That very second, I explained it. And so the fact of the matter is that I don’t think anybody thinks that I meant anything other than what I said.’

He paused and then said with a chuckle: ‘Maybe I should stop.’

This “I misspoke” moment happened the same day he confused an actual meeting with Parkland kids as a private citizen with a fictional meeting with them as vice-president. The Parkland school shooting happened on February 14, 2018. Biden left office January 20, 2017. He did travel to Washington, D.C., though to meet with a group of teen anti-gun activists on Capitol Hill on March 23, 2018. Oops. Biden was addressing a crowd of 700 people in Des Moines, Iowa at a forum sponsored by Everytown for Gun Safety Action, Mike Bloomberg’s gun control PAC.

He also said, ‘We choose truth over facts,’ he said, when the line is usually ‘we choose truth over fiction” and promoted himself as President of the United States, according to the Daily Mail.

Friday a female student in Iowa asked Biden about his opinion on gender. He said there are three genders. Then, as she began to walk off, he grabbed her arm and mentioned that he was for gay marriage before other politicians, even Obama.

I’m old enough to remember when his crazy talk about the number of genders wouldn’t have been the lede on this story but the fact that a man grabbed a woman to make a point to her. Remember that incident at Mar-a-Lago in 2016 with the female reporter and the Trump surrogate? Biden even condescendingly called the student “kid”. Man oh, man. At least he didn’t revert to “missy”.

All of this blogging goodness happened within the span of one week. Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director and a CNN reporter are playing clean-up on Twitter.

The main problem I see with Joe Biden’s campaign to date is not just his apparent lack of stamina but the tone of it. Biden is unapologetically feeling entitled to becoming the next president and he doesn’t even try to hide that feeling. Remember how well that worked out for Hillary Clinton? He plays this good Joe, bad Joe kind of game on the trail. He’s just good old Joe until someone questions him and then he unveils his “listen, kid” persona. He’s the old guy with all the experience, you know. Respect my authority, to quote South Park.

Joe Biden, in my opinion, will be the Democrat nominee. As long as he coasts through debates while brushing off blindsides from Kamala and Cory Booker, he’ll be ok. He is still showing a healthy lead in the polls and Democrat voters really want to nominate someone they think has a strong shot at beating Trump in 2020. Suburban white women feel comfortable with him when they get nervous about President Trump, as do Independent voters. He’s a known quantity. He can also bring African-American support while the others are struggling to do that. Especially Mayor Pete, who was once thought to be a younger “safe” potential nominee until he began to fade. Buttigieg peaked too early and he has no African-American support.

I’ll end with a final quote from the Daily Mail article. ‘Is that target still on my back?’ Biden joked with reporters Thursday at the Iowa State Fair. The answer is yes. Yes, he’s the front-runner and he’s the one with the target on his back. We’ll see if he has the stamina and desire for the office to hang in there until the end.