Omar and Pelosi mock Trump in Africa: "She went back with me."

Rep. Ilhan Omar posted photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts that are meant to own President Trump but I’m not so sure it did. The post shows Speaker of the House Pelosi and Omar standing in the Door of No Return in Ghana. Oddly, though, instead of a traditional somber pose in such a historically significant location, the two are seen yukking it up for the camera.

The message, of course, is that Omar is back in Africa after the “Send her back” kerfuffle with President Trump. She wants President Trump to know that not only did she return to her “Mother Africa” but Nancy Pelosi went with her. What she didn’t mention is that the American taxpayer is on the hook to pay for their adventure.

The photo came from a congressional trip to the African country this week, in observance of the American slave trade’s 400th anniversary. The two women were joined by the civil rights icon and Georgia congressman John Lewis and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Speaker and the Congressional Black Caucus traveled to Italy and then on to Africa to commemorate the 400th anniversary of America’s slave trade. My first thought upon glancing at the photos was that it seems odd that the two are not showing reverence or reflection on being at a such a solemn spot. I can remember photos as far back as Bill Clinton’s administration and his trip with Hillary and Chelsea to this historical location. George W. Bush and Laura did the same, and then the Obamas. None of them smiled in their pictures documenting their visits. Melania Trump has visited, too, as First Lady. It’s not a happy place. Omar’s pictures make the two women look frivolous.

Trump Derangement Syndrome makes Trump’s opponents do weird things. These photos fall into that category. I have to wonder what Pelosi thought when she saw Omar’s social media activity. Has she just abandoned her normally stoic public personality now that she is under so much pressure from the woke socialists in her caucus? Is she just going along to get along now instead of attempting to be the grown-up in the room? I just can’t imagine a photo of Nancy Pelosi with a smile on her face at the Door of No Return during a different administration.

Omar’s Twitter account does show more serious photos. Those won’t capture the public’s attention like her ones to troll Trump will. That’s the point, of course. Frankly, Omar hasn’t done much to warrant being taken seriously.

Pelosi’s Twitter account shows a smiling Speaker in one of a montage of photos posted. Maybe it’s just habit – she smiles when a picture is taken. The gentleman standing next to her at the Door of No Return isn’t smiling, though.

Pelosi addressed Ghana’s Parliament.

President Trump traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio Thursday and held a re-election campaign rally. No “Send her back” chants were heard.

Ahead of a rally in Cincinnati on Thursday, the first one since his North Carolina rally, Trump said he preferred that the Ohio crowd not say the chant. Trump during his Cincinnati rally did not mention the four congresswomen, colloquially known as the “Squad,” by name and no “send her back” chants broke out.

The “Send her back” distraction has been replaced with the president’s criticism of Baltimore. Pelosi made a point of acknowledging Rep. Cummings during her African trip. She’s an old pro, she covers all her bases, you know.