Democrats are desperate to resurrect the dead Mueller report in hearings

The Democrats in Congress continue to fail to learn the lessons of the Trump presidency. Rule number one is no one cares about the Mueller report except for Trump’s opposition in Congress and the reporters who cover them. The American public greeted the arrival of the Mueller report with a yawn. They will do it again this week when Mueller appears before two House committees.


Congressional leadership in the House is frustrated that most Americans took a hard pass on reading the Mueller report for themselves. In order to ram it down our throats, the chairmen of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee plan to ask Robert Mueller to read aloud his findings when he appears before the committees this week. The plan is for them to ask Mueller about something on a specific page of the report. Then they will ask him to read his findings in that section of the report.

Rep. Adam Schiff acknowledged that most Americans have little free time to enjoy some leisurely reading, and certainly don’t want to spend that time reading a political report. He went on to say that his solution is to let Mueller read it to them in an interview on Face the Nation.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is expecting special counsel Robert Mueller to bring his exhaustive report “to life” during hours of testimony before Congress this week by offering the American public a compelling, televised account of alleged wrongdoing and unethical behavior by President Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign.

“Since most Americans, you know, in their busy lives haven’t had the opportunity to read that report — and it’s a pretty dry, prosecutorial work product — we want Bob Mueller to bring it to life,” Schiff said on “Face the Nation” Sunday.


The Mueller report concludes that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Democrats are holding on for dear life to the possibility of pursuing obstruction of justice charges, as well as a desire for Russian help by Team Trump. Their political life, mind you, is what they are holding on to, not the actual life of our American Constitution or justice system. We can’t trust Attorney General Bill Barr either, you know.

“It’s a pretty damning set of facts that involve a presidential campaign in a close race welcoming help from a hostile foreign power, not reporting it but eagerly embracing it, building it into their campaign strategy, lying about it to cover up, then obstructing an investigation into foreign interference again to try to cover up,” Schiff said.

“Who better to bring them to life than the man who did the investigation himself?” Schiff said, referring to Mueller, who is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in the morning and the House Intelligence Community in the afternoon.

Schiff said Mueller’s high-stakes congressional testimony, which had to be postponed from an earlier date in July, will also serve as an indispensable opportunity for the special counsel to talk about his investigation without any interjecting statements from Attorney General William Barr, who Democrats have accused of shielding the president.


On another Sunday morning show, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee used his interview on Fox News Sunday to proclaim President Trump as guilty of committing “high crimes and misdemeanors”. He, like Rep. Schiff, will ask Robert Mueller to back up his hyperbole.

“The [Mueller] report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to present — or let Mueller present those facts to the American people and then see where we go from there,” he said.

“Because the administration must be held accountable and no president can be above the law.”

Nadler went on to disclose his plan of action in advance and to brush off any questioning that Republicans may do about the Steele dossier as just a waste of time.

“Well, we hope it won’t end up being a dud,” he replied. “And we’re going to ask specific questions about — look at page 344, paragraph two, please read it. Does that describe obstruction of justice and did you find that the president did that, for example.”

Nadler also said he isn’t worried about Republicans asking probing questions about the investigation’s origins via the Steele dossier, and claimed they’d only be wasting their time.

We won’t know if Mueller will play this game with Congressional Democrats until he appears before the committees. He agreed to appear after he said the report is finished and he has nothing else to say about it. Who knows? Maybe he’s up for a little performance art. Which brings me to what all of this conjured up in my mind Sunday morning. I watched both of the shows and all I could think about was the production put on by some Hollywood actors who, like Congressional Democrats, are desperate for America to see the impeachment of President Trump as the endgame.


If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you are not alone. Most Americans ignored the Hollywood version of the Mueller report, too. The actors gave a dramatic reading of the Mueller report, putting their own emphasis on whatever words they thought sounded more ominous than the others. They used their professional training to sound as sincere and concerned as possible. As a matter of fact, their seriousness was what made it particularly entertaining for me. It’s hard to not point and laugh at these hypocrites. It was a live performance, live-streamed on a liberal website.

Some of the actors participating in this political exercise were Annette Bening, Kevin Kline, John Lithgow, Sigourney Weaver, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mark Hamill, Justin Long, Piper Perabo, Michael Shannon, and Zachary Quinto. Not exactly a swoon-worthy cast but you get the idea. The production was live-streamed by more than a million viewers but in a country of over 300 million people, that’s not exactly a big number. The executive producers were members of the Disney family.

The play was pulled together in 25 days, unlike the 18 months of the actual Mueller investigation, which found no collusion on the part of Trump’s campaign. The play was directed by Scott Ellis and executive produced by Susan Disney Lord, Abigail Disney, and Timothy Disney. Producers were David Permut, Suzi Dietz, and David Bender.


Who knew the Mueller report was a comedy? Even Vanity Fair wasn’t impressed. “Most of The Investigation played out like a classroom of bored high schoolers being asked to recite Shakespeare aloud in English class.” Yikes! Let’s see if Robert Mueller can top Hollywood’s performance this week.

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