Michelle Obama, Hillary slam Trump on "send her back" comment

Two former First Ladies weighed in on President Trump’s “send her back” comment Friday. Michelle Obama posted a tweet and Hillary Clinton delivered a call to action in Atlanta. Both women produced eye-roll worthy moments.

Hillary Clinton posted a tweet Thursday that set the tone for her speech Friday at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta. President Trump is a threat to our democracy, you know.

In Atlanta, Clinton called for the attendees to mobilize and get out the vote in 2020. “We are better than this, but we better start proving it, not just saying it.”

“It can’t just be a battle fought on Twitter. It has to be fought and won at the ballot box – which is the only place that matters.”

She cynically went to a particularly ugly time in our nation’s history to try to paint Trump’s America as the 1950s. It is as though Hillary Clinton thinks there are protesters being blasted with fire hoses or “whites only” signs being placed in store windows. Did she forget that Barack Obama served for two terms as President of the United States? It is as though when Hillary looks in a mirror she sees Rosa Parks.

“There’s no doubt the struggles we face now are as consequential as those we faced in the 1950s,” she said, but added that activists need to “do a better job of persuading young people to join this cause.”

“There are so many fights to be waged. Because when our civil and human rights are being trampled on every day, the need for a just society becomes starker.”

One of the most privileged women in the world wanted her audience to know that she’s down for the struggle. Clinton’s hyperbole is ridiculous. Hillary was given the Recognizing the Dream award.

Michelle Obama, not to be left out, posted a tweet Friday with a very different message than she started out with about a dozen years ago. I’m old enough to remember when Michelle was in Wisconsin campaigning for her husband during the state’s primary before he won the Democrat nomination. She said, “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” That was quite a statement. Now she’s scolding President Trump. It’s “our America”.

There is a new poll that was released Thursday that may be enough of a jolt to Hillary Clinton to make her throw a lamp. The poll, conducted by YouGovUS ranked the most admired people in America. Melania Trump is more admired than Hillary Clinton. Michelle Obama takes first place and Melania is in third place. Second place was won by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Hillary is now in eighth place, a drop of four points in one year’s time. In the men’s category, Barack Obama is in first place, followed by President Trump and Clint Eastwood in second and third place. Just imagine all of the exploding heads when Trump rises to number one.

I think people are suffering from Hillary fatigue. She will not leave the stage. Instead of gracefully going into semi-retirement mode and enjoying her life, she continues to roam the country lecturing anyone who will listen and acting as though she is still on the campaign trail. None of the Democrats running for president accepted an invitation to attend the event. They must all be tired of Hillary, too.

The responses are part of a larger poll that ranked the most admired people in the world. Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie were the top three winners for women. Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Jackie Chan were the top three men.