Williamson puts Vogue magazine in its place in the best possible way

Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Is there a better presidential candidate running for the Democrat nomination than Marianne Williamson? No. No, there is not. I’ll tell you why I’ve come to this conclusion. She’s so very entertaining and she’s not afraid to speak truth to power. In this case, the ‘power’ is a very powerful women’s fashion magazine. It is the gold standard of such publications.

Marianne Williamson is using her Instagram account to strike back against a major slight from Vogue. The whole kerfuffle began with a very favorable article published on July 1. The subjects of the piece are the five women in elected office who are running for the Democrat nomination. The interview reads as you might expect from a very liberal publication. It is full of fluffy feel-good sops to the women in elected office seeking the highest office in the land. Fair, enough. There is even a photograph of the five women together, looking all congenial and supportive of each other.

One female candidate who is not in elected office, though, didn’t appreciate the exclusion from the group. Marianne Williamson had a few things to say about it.


“The framers of the Constitution did not make Vogue magazine the gate keepers of America’s political process, here to determine who and who is not to be considered a serious political candidate.” Take that, Vogue. While no one expects Marianne Williamson to be on the debate stage squaring off against President Trump as the Democrat Party’s nominee, she is as deserving of magazine space, too.

In order to make herself perfectly clear, she went back to her Instagram account and she took matters into her own hands. She put herself into the group shot of the women candidates by photobombing herself above them, in a frame on the wall. It’s perfect.

I’ve written about Williamson here, starting with an article that I thought would probably be the only time I would write about her, in all honesty. Then she got into a tiff with Meghan McCain and that was amusing. The truth is, she’s hanging in there and even Republicans are egging her on, as Jazz wrote about recently. Support from Republicans is puzzling until you think about it. She’s fun to watch because of the words that come out of her mouth and because she’s not a politician. She says whatever comes to mind and she isn’t interested in sounding like all the others. Hey, who does that sound like? Maybe she’s the Donald Trump of the 2020 election, without the final victory.

Williamson has met the benchmarks to qualify for the second debate (s) scheduled for July 30 and 31 in Detroit. She’s working on staying around for the third debate, too. She’s all about the love, y’all.

She’s the Eat, Love, Pray candidate for 2020. She’s a 66-year-old Houstonian who speaks with an odd accent. I remember her from long ago when I watched the Oprah show. Like Dr. Phil, she was exposed to the masses, at least the female masses, thanks to Oprah. I thought she was a New Age kook then and I think so now but she’s different and adds some fun to a very boring and horrible line-up of Democrat candidates running for president. I read that Vogue justified Williamson’s exclusion due to the fact that the other women are already in elected office and between them have 40 years of experience. That struck me because if that’s to be justification, then what does that say about Joe Biden’s candidacy among the others? He’s got that all on his own. It just seemed like an odd explanation for me.

I hope Marianne manages to hang in there a long time. I can use the chuckles.