Sharon Osbourne to Trump: Stop using Ozzy's song in your campaign

Every so often members of the entertainment world remind us that they hate President Trump. If his staff or re-election campaign uses popular songs at rallies or in political ads, some come forward and squawk about shutting down the president because they don’t want him to use their work. A few examples have emerged in the span of the last few days.

Most notably, Sharon Osbourne is triggered because the Trump re-election campaign used Ozzy’s song, “Crazy Train” in a video on Twitter Thursday. The first Democrat debate was the subject of ridicule of the tweet, specifically the technical difficulties experienced during the debate. It was a mess. The Trump tweet is on point, though. No doubt the Osbourne’s can’t handle the truth.

So, Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s wife, and business partner reacted to the use of the 1980 song by demanding that Trump stop doing it. I don’t know if she stamped her foot when she tweeted a response but you can almost hear that in the tweet.

It is particularly ironic when phony outrage is expressed by celebrities who once were more than happy to work with Donald Trump as a private citizen and now that he is a Republican president, no longer want any public connection with him. For example, Sharon Osbourne was a participant on Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice television show (also on NBC, the network that carried the Democrat debate in Miami) in Season Nine. That was then, this is now. The same has happened with others still in the public eye, like Omarosa.

Mrs. Osbourne suggested the Trump campaign use his artistic supporters like perhaps Kanye West or Ted Nugent. I’m sure she didn’t intend for the broad range of voters that the two musical artists she mentioned represent to be noticed. Celebrities on the left continue to make the mistake that all of their fans support only Democrat politicians. That’s ok with me, as it will lead to President Trump’s re-election and spare America from the Democrats running to replace him. I just thought that by now some celebrities would have gotten the message. Ozzy Osbourne is 70 years old. Mrs. Osbourne should be happy that a campaign used his song from 1980. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, y’all.

Another singer/songwriter weighed in on Friday. Carole King, well into her seventh decade, wants her fans to know that she will be performing in Washington, D.C. during a 4th of July celebration but it won’t be the president’s celebration. She is performing in ‘A Capitol Fourth’, the traditional show. She calls Trump’s celebration, announced by the Interior Department Friday, a political rally.

The Interior Department announced Friday that Trump’s Fourth of July “Salute to America” on the National Mall would include a “phenomenal fireworks display.” The president is also expected to deliver remarks from the Lincoln Memorial as part of the event, along with a flyover from military jets. Critics of the Independence Day shindig say Trump is politicizing the annual fireworks display and driving up the cost of the celebration.

King is a longtime environmental activist and has lent her name to several fundraising pitches for Democrats over the years. In a Thursday email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, King asked supporters who are “weary” of Trump’s actions to donate to “defeat Republicans and expand our Democratic majority.”

Again, as the Osbourne’s do, King acts on the assumption that all of her fans are liberal Trump-haters. I’ve been a fan since her very first album was released during my college years and I’ve never voted for a Democrat to be president. Democrats are the least tolerant people in the country.

I’ll end with this story from television land. We know that Democrats are bitter about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s success in pushing through President Trump’s judicial nominees, particularly the ones for the Supreme Court. When asked about filling a Supreme Court vacancy if one arises before the 2020 election, he said yes. Parks and Rec star, Adam Scott was triggered when Team Mitch used a gif to taunt the Merrick Garland supporters.

The team used Scott’s image, which shows his “Parks and Rec” character sassily winking at the camera, to demonstrate approval of an article stating that Trump would move to fill a Supreme Court vacancy if one were to arise before the 2020 election. The tease was clearly aimed at those who would view McConnell’s presumed endorsement as hypocritical, as McConnell was key in blocking Senate confirmation of Obama’s late-term Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

It’s not the first time that the use of a gif from Parks and Rec has caused anger from the left. One was used by the NRA’s Twitter account last year to thank conservative radio host Dana Loesch for her vocal support of the gun rights organization. The show’s creator didn’t like the gif used to promote a “pro-slaughter agenda” and Amy Poehler (her show character was in the gif) told him to tell the NRA to “f–k off” because Poehler isn’t on Twitter.

Bless their hearts.