Bill Maher's 500th show: Trump's campaign launch was a Klan rally

No pressure, Oprah, but Bill Maher thinks you are the only sure-thing candidate to beat President Trump in 2020. She’s not running but that doesn’t matter. “Sometimes you don’t choose history. History chooses you.” Oprah Winfrey checks all the boxes, you see, and she is the only logical candidate for Democrats to offer up against President Trump. She’s a part of America’s celebrity culture. Maher reasons that disgruntled Trump supporters would vote for her if only to keep peace in the family.

“There’s no underestimating the power of celebrity in modern American politics…it’s not the way it’s supposed to be, its not the way I’d like it to be but we officially live in a post-literate, post-truth, star-f—er society and this is going to be the dirtiest campaign ever.”

Maher described a core Trump supporter (in short, an angry white guy with three shotguns and a singing plastic fish on the wall) and explained that Winfrey would be the only Democrat who could sway him due to practical considerations. “If he’s fed up with Trump, I know he could vote for Oprah. Because he knows that if he doesn’t his wife will never blow him again.”

The 500th episode of Real Time with Bill Maher is in the books and he took shots at both political parties. In criticizing Republicans, the usual trope that Trump voters are racist hicks was trotted out. He described President Trump’s huge kick-off event in Orlando to launch his re-election campaign as a KKK rally. That shot is what passes for humor these days.

“Did you see this Klan rally he was having there?” Maher joked at the start of the 500th episode of “Real Time,” which he has been hosting since 2003. He added that Trump supporters had a “goldfish memory.”

Maher’s jokes included another standard criticism that folks on both sides of the aisle can agree on – Joe Biden is out of place in the 2020 Democrat primary. His time has come and gone, yet he is still at the top of the heap in the polls.

And what about Joe Biden, the former vice president and presumptive go-to guy for the Dems? When young people look at the 72-year-old Beltway mainstay it’s like “a typewriter is running for president.” Maher, never leery about treading beyond the boundaries of good taste, also identified Biden as a geriatric risk who might drive a car through a farmer’s market crowd.

He mentioned Hope Hick’s testimony to a House committee and turned that into a racial slam, too. It’s really desperation time for Democrat voters, it seems. Hope admitted she told white lies while working for President Trump. That prompted Maher to say, “That’s Trump for you. Even the lies have to be white.” As you can see, none of this banter is bold or edgy. The Bill Maher of earlier days is long gone. Maher’s guest, Dan Savage, was happy to chime in that the Republican Party is “controlled by racists.” Yawn.

Allan Lichtman, a historian, and leftist that Democrats drag out every presidential election cycle because he has a stellar record for correctly predicting who will be the next president, has a new book out calling for the impeachment President Trump. The studio audience liked when he bashed both political parties.

Lichtman arrived on stage plenty fired-up about impeachment and drew a hearty ovation from the studio audience at CBS Television City in Los Angeles when he called out the failings of both major political parties. “We have in America today, two parties: We have a Republican party with no principles, but a spine, and we have a Democratic party with principles, but no spine. The Democrats have a chance to get courage.”

It’s hard to believe that Bill Maher has lasted as long as he has with this HBO show. He is in his 17th season. He is also marking the 30th anniversary of his first HBO comedy special. He’s had eleven of those so far.

“We went on the air in 2003,” Maher deadpanned. “Since then, weed has become increasingly legal, religion is on the decline, and less people are having children. You’re welcome, America.”

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