Impeach Trump Day: Rashida Tlaib answers MoveOn's "moral clarion call"

What to do, what to do? It is both my birthday and Impeach Trump Day so you can see my dilemma. Do I celebrate my birthday or do I rally for the impeachment of President Trump? Just kidding. These people are desperate dead-enders.

The usual suspects are coming together Saturday to vent their frustration that almost 63 million people voted for a different candidate than the one they wanted to occupy the Oval Office in November 2016 and they are still unable to accept that reality. MoveOn and By The People, along with 20 partner organizations, are staging more than 140 events across the country. They really, really want Congress to begin impeachment hearings. Ringleader Rep. Rashida Tlaib will be front and center.

Along with Congresswoman Tlaib, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Al Green are among Democratic lawmakers who have pushed for impeaching Trump are scheduled to speak at the teach-ins and other public actions.

The biggest changes in our country, from women earning the right to vote to the outlawing of segregation, did not start within the halls of Congress, they started on the streets of places like my home city of Detroit and beyond,” Tlaib said in a statement to Newsweek ahead of the day of action. “I’m heartened to see that same push behind holding this lawless President accountable.”

Tlaib continued: “I sincerely hope that after this Saturday, my colleagues on Capitol Hill will answer the call of the likely millions of Americans that will rally across the country and finally open an impeachment inquiry into the actions of President Trump.”

She concluded that “it is our duty as members of Congress to pursue the last option we have in this pursuit of justice on behalf of the American people.”

Tlaib is attending a rally in Detroit. Rep. Jim McGovern is scheduled to speak in Northampton, Massachusetts, and Rep. Madeleine Day will appear in Philadelphia.

The problem for Democrat leadership in the House is that the majority of Americans is still against impeaching President Trump. According to this CNN poll, for example, Trump’s approval number remains steady while public support hasn’t risen much towards moving on impeachment. Support of impeachment has fallen since the release of the Mueller report.

Trump’s approval rating, meanwhile, holds exactly even with where it was in late April — 43% approve and 52% disapprove of the President, according to the poll. That’s the case even as support for impeachment rose slightly from 37% last month to 41% now.

Similarly, those backing impeachment hit 43% in December, down from CNN’s previous high mark of this question with 47% in September 2018. The new poll finds 54% are against impeachment.

The far left is all out of patience. Speaker Pelosi, despite what we think of her political views is not a stupid woman and has danced around the issue in an attempt to stall the calls for impeachment hearings to begin. She now says she’d like for Trump to land in prison but is still too cowardly to start the process of removing him from office. She knows it would be a huge loser for her party in 2020 and she looks out for herself and her position above all else. She doesn’t want to hand the gavel back to a Republican Speaker of the House. All I can think of when I hear Pelosi’s sop to the far left with the prison talk is, “For what?” What exactly does she think President Trump has done that would warrant a jail sentence?

Nonetheless, the left persists. The talk of taking it to the streets, old-school style, is popular. I apologize for The Doobie Brothers earworm that phrase may create for those of us of a certain age.

“Donald Trump has broken the law, violated the Constitution, and put the safety and future of the American people at risk. But by now, it is clear that Congress won’t act unless we demand it. We need to take to the streets in every neighborhood in America to defend democracy,” said Alexandra Flores-Quilty, a spokeswoman with By the People, in a statement.

And here’s a tweet from a CNN show host.