Bill Maher asks HBO panel: "What if Trump killed his negotiating team?"

It was a question that baffled even the most unhinged of anti-Trumpers. For HBO talk show host Bill Maher it was just another random stream of consciousness during a panel discussion, but his guests were taken aback when he asked a question while trying to make a point about Republican leadership’s loyalty to President Trump. “What if Trump killed his negotiating team?”

Bill Maher, like most perplexed Democrats, doesn’t understand why Republicans in leadership don’t push back more frequently on President Trump. What they fail to understand, even after more than two years into his first term in office, is that President Trump is overseeing the implementation of a quite conservative agenda. His methods are often unconventional, as is his manner of speaking, but that doesn’t matter to his supporters. The important thing is his performance in office when it comes to promoting a conservative agenda. On that subject, he receives a very high mark. His approval rating with Republicans hovers around 90%. The political left hates him and doesn’t understand why everyone else does not.

Maher offered up a hypothetical question and justified it by conflating the little dictator in North Korea with the leader of the free world. Like ya do. He said that Kim Jong Un, according to reports, recently killed off his entire negotiating team, so what would happen if President Trump did the same thing? Would Republicans finally be pushed to stand up to the president if he began killing off Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton? Would Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell do something then? The panel acted as you might expect. Instead of asking their host if he lost his effing mind, one panelist asked if that was a real question.

The panel seemed baffled by the inquiry.

“Is that a real question?” New York Times columnist Charles Blow laughed.

“Yep, it is,” Maher responded. “I’m just asking. I don’t know. I’m just asking.”

The panel included Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) and analyst Clint Watts besides Charles Blow. Fortunately, other than puzzled looks on their faces, none of them took the bait and went further down that rabbit hole. How can anyone expect to be taken seriously in criticizing the president if their own behavior is as off base as that which is perceived to be odd from others?

Bill Maher used his monologue time to mock the president and his family’s trip to the UK. He said that President Trump is America’s Royal F**kup. When President Trump and the family left Europe, he said they were fumigating it. He continued the trope used by Democrats in America (and their cohorts in the media) that Trump embarrassed our country overseas.

“England’s Royal Family met America’s royal fuckup,” Maher said, before noting during his trip “Trump continued the time-honored tradition that he has now started of embarrassing this country in every possible shape, form, and way possible.”

The European press, no fans of Trump, reported favorably about the trip. Not to leave any stone unturned, Maher even slammed the deal made with Mexico that averted the levying of tariffs on that country. He opined that Team Trump’s victorious development was due to Trump caving to Mexico and the whole tariff idea was just a “brain fart” from the president. Oh boy. Even a trade deal that is a win for America, after many years of less favorable deals isn’t worth a nod of approval from the haters. Their hate of Trump overtakes their love of what’s best for America.