Stacey Abrams did it again. "You don't have the right to vote in Georgia"

Has Stacey Abrams decided to adopt Hillary Clinton’s playbook? Since November 2016, Hillary has traveled from coast to coast, and around the world, bemoaning the fact that she lost the election in 2016 to the bad orange man. Now Stacey Abrams can’t stop talking about her loss in 2018 to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and for the same reason — she was robbed, you know.

Four Democrats running for their party’s nomination in 2020 traveled to Atlanta to participate in the African-American Leadership Council Summit. Senator Cory Booker and Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke, as did Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke who ended the day by heading a fundraiser in a tony part of town. Stacey Abrams welcomed them in her now normal fashion.

The message is Georgia is a battleground state, or so the Democrats want you to think. All four of the candidates held Stacey Abrams up as the poster child for voter suppression. Corey Booker called Georgia a blue state, which must have come as news to all the Republicans in statewide offices. He said the party must focus on registering “first-time voters of color in overlooked communities.” The reality is that more Georgians than ever are registered to vote. Georgia’s total population is 10.4 million of whom 6.9 million are registered to vote. There are about 1.2 million more voters registered in Georgia today than in 2010.

Pete Buttigieg held a private fundraiser at Manuel’s Tavern, a Democrat institution earlier in the day before he spoke at the summit. He’s all about blaming voter suppression for Abrams’ loss.

“Stacey Abrams ought to be the governor of Georgia,” Buttigieg told a room full of mostly black Democrats.

“When racially motivated voter suppression is permitted, when districts are drawn so that politicians get to choose their voters instead of the other way around, when money is allowed to outvote people in this country, we cannot truly say that we live in a democracy.”

Joe Biden is onboard the voter suppression train, too. Proving that he has no new ideas to offer in this race, he repeated the same thing all the others were saying. He blamed Republicans for a “methodical assault”.

“Voter suppression is the reason Stacey Abrams isn’t governor right now,” the Democratic presidential hopeful said.

Beto O’Rourke, the last of the four candidates to speak, outlined his voting rights proposal which he said he developed with Stacey Abrams in mind.

“Though she may have technically and legally lost the election,” he said, “she won a much larger battle.”

He didn’t actually say what that larger battle is, but never mind.

At the IWillVote Gala Thursday night, Abrams was among other heavy-hitter speakers. DNC Chair Tom Perez, Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, Congressman John Lewis, and Congresswoman Lucy McBath took part in rallying Democrats. As the gala was happening, I noticed a tweet from a CNN reporter covering the event.

She has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t she? The people in that room didn’t “have the right to vote”? Really? I’m pretty sure there are provisions in the Constitution that take care of that. We do know the truth, though, and she lost her election. Whether or not it was a “fair fight” is always a subject for debate in any political campaign, not just hers. It is not unusual for one candidate to accuse another of not fighting fair in the heat of a campaign. Sadly, Abrams continues to sound like a candidate, not a woman who gained valuable experience in the political arena. Bitter isn’t a good look on anyone.

Abrams is riding her message of victimhood for as long as she can. To this day she claims if it were not for voter suppression she would be the Governor of Georgia. It’s madness and it is the same kind of sore loser behavior exhibited by Hillary and her continued claims that she lost the presidential election due to Russian collusion. Both narratives are just plain wrong and do nothing but divide Americans.

The media and other Democrats are happy to oblige her and even encourage it. Today she announced she will be a Grand Marshal in the 2019 Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade. During the announcement, she took shots at President Trump and Governor Kemp.