Behar to Crenshaw: Trump supporters should take off "those flag pins"

President Trump is unpatriotic, you know. That’s one of the latest Trump deranged remarks made by Joy Behar as she sat at the table on The View. She was interviewing Rep. Dan Crenshaw Monday when she said that all Trump supporters should take off their American flag pins because President Trump is unpatriotic.

Behar doesn’t approve of the way Trump handles the fact that Russia meddles in American politics. She made her criticisms of the president personal as she spoke about his character. Dan Crenshaw told her that he doesn’t have to defend Trump’s character flaws and reminded the women around the table that he was the one who called for civility during his now-famous appearance on Saturday Night Live. This didn’t satisfy Behar, though, and she launched into her beef with Trump’s handling of Russian interference. Trump said he didn’t tell Putin not to try to interfere in American elections so Republicans must stop wearing American flag pins, or something.

It isn’t just that. Let’s talk about, you know, the fact that he met with Putin for 90 minutes… and never once brought up the fact that Russia, Russia interfered in our election,” Behar said. “And he never brought it up. How is it that the Republican Party, your colleagues, can stand by this man when he is involved in this way with Russia?”

Behar continued: “I said last week I don’t want to see any of those flag pins anymore on Republicans who don’t stand up against this guy for Russian meddling, and other things that he’s done. It seems as though he’s unpatriotic. What do you say to that?”

Crenshaw went on to correct Behar. Trump didn’t “meet” with Putin, it was a phone conversation centered around Venezuela. Then he said what any logical adult would say – “I support his policy agenda. I don’t have to support every character flaw.” Abby Huntsman, daughter of the American ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, mentioned those mean tweets of Trump’s. How can he support that? Funny, I wonder if she asks the same of her father. Then Crenshaw listed the ways in which the Trump administration has dealt with Russia through action, not just talk.

Following that, Crenshaw was taken to task for “defending” President Trump’s remarks after the Charlottesville march. Crenshaw did what few do these days – he accurately answered that President Trump specifically said that he wasn’t referring to white nationalists when he said that there were good people on both sides. The left and other anti-Trumpers have distorted the remarks in order to justify attacking Trump as a racist.

“On the right, what we have is the president of the United States in Charlottesville saying there are good people on both sides and people are yelling ‘Jews will not replace us.’ There are not good people on both sides,” Behar exclaimed.

Crenshaw interrupted to note that “in the same sentence” Trump had said he was “definitely not referring to white nationalists,” but to those who opposed Confederate statues being taken down.

“Why do you apologize for him? He’s ridiculous!” Behar responded.
“You have to read what he actually said,” Crenshaw replied.

Another anti-Trump liberal on the show, Sunny Hostin, confronted Crenshaw for his support of Trump’s immigration policies, specifically one that includes a fee for asylum seekers. As he spoke about growing up in South America, he noted that he had to have a visa and follow the law. He is unapologetic in his support of American sovereignty and pushes back when delicate leftists promote open borders or violating the rule of law.

Dan Crenshaw represented himself, Texas, and Republicans well against the ugly rhetoric that consistently comes from the women on this show. He’s a decorated Navy SEAL who lost an eye overseas in battle. The women sitting around that table lack the quality of human decency in their conversations that they demand of others, especially our current president. It takes a certain kind of unhinged chutzpah to demand Crenshaw or any other Trump supporter take off “those flag pins”. Crenshaw won this battle.

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David Strom 12:01 PM on October 07, 2022