Mike Huckabee rises to defend daughter, April Ryan declares war

Proud papa and former Governor Mike Huckabee came to the defense of his daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Friday after he discovered reporter April Ryan’s ugly remarks. Instead of apologizing for her unprofessional behavior and shutting down the spectacle, Ryan doubled down and declared open war against the elder Huckabee. The battle played out on Twitter.

As I wrote yesterday, American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent and CNN contributor April Ryan called for the firing of Sarah Sanders after the Mueller report exposed that Sanders lied to the press corps about the loss of confidence in James Comey as director of the FBI. Ryan went on to not only call for Sanders to be fired but embellished it with a metaphor – it was her “lopping off heads” metaphor that took her rhetoric over the top.

Using the standards set by liberals in the age of Trump, Mike Huckabee asked if CNN had “the integrity to deal with this incitement to murder”. He didn’t call for Ryan to be fired, you’ll note. “Dealing with” her tweet could mean insisting she issue an apology for her ramped-up rhetoric.

Huckabee also wanted to know if the White House Correspondents Association would pull Ryan’s credentials.

Ryan responded by questioning his Christian faith and said “her people” see him and will come for him.

She reminded Huckabee that he once said she should be “gutted like a deer”. This was her interpretation of a tweet from Huckabee during #PieGate.

And, then she went back to talking about his faith. She tweeted about Good Friday and then she tweeted that Huckabee won’t get into Heaven. By this time it was perfectly clear she intended to keep this thing going a while.

Ryan called both father and daughter liars and asked why Sarah Sanders is paid because she doesn’t hold press briefings. The infrequency of White House press briefings is a regular complaint from reporters. So, Ryan tossed that in, too.

The grand finale of this Twitter drama was a tweet warning Huckabee that should anything happen to her or her family, he, Sanders, and the Trump administration will all be held accountable. Well, now.

This is how disagreements and retaliations are carried out in the era of the evil Orange Man. Everyone goes to Twitter to blast out anything that comes to mind, rational or not. The left plays it all to their advantage by claiming any harsh word is cause for inciting violence. Governor Huckabee turned the tables and tweeted as a liberal would do. As you can see, reporters are just as thin-skinned as anyone else. April Ryan has never hesitated to take rhetoric to the next level. Just listen to her questions in White Houe briefings and you’ll hear her ask if the president is a racist, for example.

April Ryan doesn’t speak for the entire White House Press Corps, even though she took it upon herself to call for Sarah Sanders to be fired. The left calling for a conservative to be fired is their go-to position. This whole episode appears to be another grab for attention, just as she did when she called Sarah Sanders’ pie baking skills into question. It’s petty and juvenile. It’s also tailor-made for Twitter.

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Jazz Shaw 9:21 AM on June 09, 2023