Julian Castro to Bill Maher: Biden's jokes are "bulls**t"

What’s a guy to do if he’s not catching fire in the 2020 Democrat race for the party’s nomination? Julian Castro blasted Joe Biden’s joking attitude in response to charges of inappropriate behavior. He didn’t slam Biden in some random interview in flyover country, which might or might not have made waves, he did it on Bill Maher’s HBO show, a favorite of leftie America.

During Castro’s appearance Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher, Castro staked out territory in the camp that was offended by Biden’s ‘jokes’ during his first speech after being taken to task by women who feel somewhat violated by Biden’s lack of boundaries. While speaking to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Biden joked that he received permission before hugging the union’s leader and then a boy on stage. It was Biden’s way of getting the awkward situation out of the way but it didn’t really play that well to most who saw it on television. It was creepy Uncle Joe all over again when it came to the boy, in particular.

Julian Castro, a Democrat from Texas, is not exactly topping the charts in polling among the vast field of 2020 candidates vying to be their party’s nominee. He’s at 1%. Julian, the identical twin brother of Rep.Joaquin Castro, is a former Secretary of HUD during the Obama administration. He’s like most of the field of candidates. His opinions haven’t strayed from the open borders, infanticide, tax the successful, New Green Deal talking points. So, for Castro to slap Biden rather crudely, well, it’s a bit of a surprise

“Some people today were saying, ‘He joked about it. He shouldn’t joke about it.’ I think he should joke about it,” Maher said. “I don’t think it’s that big a deal.”

“I disagree,” Castro responded. “For forever, we have told women basically, essentially, ‘Just be quiet about stuff like this.’”

“Not stuff like this!” Maher shot back. “It’s not sexual harassment. It’s not the same as sexual harassment. He did it to men, too, and children. He’s a toucher.”

“I think it’s bulls— to say that people can get away with laughing it off,” Castro said, seeming to startle Maher with the profane term.

We know Biden is getting negative publicity from women now, after years of this history, only because he is expected to enter the field of candidates and is at the top of every poll. His opponents want him dinged-up as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, non-candidate Democrats and entertainers are coming to Biden’s rescue. C’mon, he’s just a toucher. as was Maher’s response.

“These are not allegations. They actually happened. It’s on tape,” he pointed out during the show’s panel conversation. The women, he said, “are not victims stepping forward. All this is bullshit – he kissed the back of somebody’s head!”

Maher singled out Chris Cillizza’s coverage on CNN; he had described the controversy as “not a joking matter.”

“Yes, it is,” Maher barked back. “It is exactly what is perfect for joking matter. It’s not that fucking serious!”

Maher is right, this isn’t in the #MeToo category of sexual assault or harassment. It is a matter of personal boundaries. Just keep your hands to yourself, as every mom in the world has taught her kids. Casual acquaintances, employees, campaign staff, and bystanders probably don’t expect a hug, a kiss or a nuzzle and sniff. Biden likes to say his behavior is how he connects to people. Well, he can connect with people by simply shaking a hand and looking a person in the eye as he speaks with them. It’s really that simple. He could even do the obnoxious Hillary response of continually nodding his head as someone speaks. All of that is non-invasive of personal space. The result is the same without physically touching being involved.

Will Biden change? No. No, he will not. He’s 76 years old. He’s in the old dog, new tricks territory. It ain’t happening. As I said above, it’s a way for his opponents to ding him before he even officially gets into the race. Finding women to come forward with stories of handsy behavior from Biden won’t be difficult as the man has been in elected office since the age of 29, up until two years ago. He has interacted with thousands of people along the way. This can continue to drip out for a long time. Castro will drop out soon enough as he continues to stagnate in nowheresville but good old Joe will be around until he’s the nominee or it becomes clear his time has passed.

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