Alyssa Milano proves leftist hypocrisy of "believe all women"

The alleged salacious behavior of Joe Biden is proving one point that conservative women were arguing all through-out the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing travesty. Not all women making accusations against men of improper behavior are telling the truth. And now woke actress Alyssa Milano is bringing another truth to the conversation. Not all improper behavior is equal, especially if the man is a darling of the left.

Who can forget the circus deliberately created by the leftists in the Senate Judicial Committee to derail the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh last September? Though it was almost seven months ago, it still feels like only yesterday because it was just that hideous. The primary message from those leftists determined to deny Kavanaugh a seat on the nation’s highest court was a simple one, “Believe all women.” Full stop. When reasonable people questioned the stories and/or the motives of some of the accusers coming forward with ugly stories against Kavanaugh, his detractors cried sexism, misogyny, and complicity about his supporters. Liberals and their opinions are never, ever to be questioned.

Conservative women, in particular, were chastised for not immediately pledging solidarity with Christine Blasey Ford and then the other accusers through the stories that became more bizarre. The sisterhood was being betrayed, you see. And, above everything else, there is no room for individual thoughts or opinions among the people on the left. Fall in line or be punished is their modus operandi.

So, after all that, it is quite an eye-opener to watch many liberal women now twisting themselves like pretzels to support Joe Biden. Not only are they showing support for good old lovable Joe, but they are also justifying his behavior. “It’s just how he is” was most recently uttered by Speaker Pelosi. “My grandchildren love him”, she said. As a matter of fact, Whoopi Goldberg said on The View Monday that she doesn’t want Joe Biden to stop his inappropriate behavior. Conservative Meghan McCain agreed and talked about how great he’s been to her as an old friend of her now deceased father. Bipartisanship is alive and well as long as the agreement is with the liberal point of view.

As Sunny Hostin praised Biden over how he responded to the allegations, Goldberg said the situation “pisses me off” and “I don’t want Joe to stop” behaving as himself. McCain followed up by calling Biden “a good, decent man,” by saying his actions are quite different from more serious instances of sexual abuse, and that Democrats have to make a decision on their standards before the furor cripples Biden’s possible 2020 run.

Alyssa Milano did quite a detailed Twitter thread in support of her friend Joe. The key point is this in tweet #5: “But, just as we must believe women that decide to come forward, we cannot assume all women’s experiences are the same.”

No, Alyssa, all experiences are not the same. That is the point. And, not all memories are what really happened. In the case of Joe Biden, no one has alleged that the man is a sexual predator, or that he’s sexually assaulted women. What has been the criticism, though, is that the man is pervy. It’s not normal behavior for a man to come up behind a woman friend or acquaintance or employee and sniff her hair. It’s not normal behavior for a man to kiss a woman on the mouth who isn’t his wife or significant other. And, it is not normal for a man to come up from behind and put his hands around a woman’s shoulders as a gesture of support. Sorry, Mrs. Gates. All of that is behavior that is just too familiar and it is definitely not acceptable in the workplace.

While Whoopie and Meghan vouch for Biden as a warm, affectionate human being, they are not speaking to working with Joe in a professional setting. Whoopie and Meghan have a friendship with Biden that women in the workplace or on the campaign trail do not have. The women coming forward with stories of being uncomfortable with Biden’s handsy behavior are not accusing him of a sexual attack, they are saying his behavior makes working with him uncomfortable and frankly, awkward.

The most obvious problem of the #MeToo movement is that inappropriate behavior is lumped in with sexual assault. There is a huge gulf in between the two and liberal women are getting an education now that one of their favorite liberal politicians is feeling some heat. It’s just wrong to blame all men for everything as a default position. Being in confined quarters with a man who can’t keep his hands to himself is a lot different than being in the same space with an alleged rapist.

I’ll say this, I don’t think less of Biden after these recent accusations from women. I think he is an older man from a different generation who probably isn’t even aware that his handsy behavior is inappropriate. Unlike Whoopie and Meghan, I hope he does stop his behavior and rein it back a bit, for the sake of the women working for him. It’s not on the level of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky but it is a boss and employee relationship. I think one of Biden’s opponents (or potential opponent since he hasn’t formally declared his candidacy) decided to launch this attack. Biden is still out in front in the polls and no doubt the other candidates want him to change his mind and sit this race out. The first woman was a Bernie supporter and now a Beto supporter, for example. Can Biden rise above and enter the race anyway? Of course he can. And he probably will.