Texas Attorney General pounces: Come and take our Chick-fil-A

Earlier this week Jazz wrote about the decision by the San Antonio City Council to ban Chick-fil-A from the city’s airport. It was a bone-headed move, to be sure, based on the religious-ideological bigotry of the left. San Antonio, your nation’s seventh largest city is like other large cities in that it is governed by liberals.

As the leftists in the media like to say, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pounced. Paxton notified the mayor and city council Thursday by letter of his decision to open an investigation. He also sent a letter to Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chou, requesting she open her own federal investigation into potential violations of federal law and Transportation Department regulations. Paxton is going after the decision on the grounds of upholding religious freedom.

From the statement released by the office of the Attorney General:

“The City of San Antonio’s decision to exclude a respected vendor based on the religious beliefs associated with that company and its owners is the opposite of tolerance,” Attorney General Paxton said. “The city’s discriminatory decision is not only out of step with Texas values, but inconsistent with the Constitution and Texas law.”

The First Amendment protects individuals and closely held companies from governmental restrictions based on their religious views or religious status. Additionally, federal regulations governing grant money provided to the San Antonio airport prohibit religious discrimination.

To San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg the attorney general wrote, “The City of San Antonio’s decision to exclude a respected vendor based on the religious beliefs associated with that company and its owners is the opposite of tolerance.” This is something conservatives continually notice coming from the Left: the intolerance of Judeo-Christian religious beliefs. I daresay if the founder of Chick-fil-A was a man of Muslim faith, he would not have faced such a vote, though that religion is stridently anti-LGBT. Just a thought.

Also, the presence of a bazillion Starbucks coffee shops or displays of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in the freezer section of local grocery stores have yet to set off votes to ban these liberal companies. Democrats prove over and over again how intolerant they are of freedom of thought or religion while scolding Republicans as our moral superiors. It’s the height of hypocrisy.

Fortunately, although Texas is trending toward purple state territory in an abundance of local and countywide elections, all of the statewide offices are still held by Republicans. Add that to the fact that Chick-fil-A is a very popular food service franchise in the state and it is no surprise that the governor set a plan into action.

Meanwhile, a Republican running for mayor and currently a member of the San Antonio City Council apologized to Chick-fil-A for the City Council’s vote. He voiced support for the company and described the whole story as an embarrassment to the city.

“The recent actions of our City Council do not reflect the overwhelming belief in our City that you are a valued business and community partner,” Brockhouse, who is running for mayor, wrote in a letter to the company. “In spite of the appearance of this decision, San Antonio is a welcoming City that values diversity, faith and inclusivity.”

Brockhouse said he was inspired to write the letter by residents who he said have been outraged by the City Council’s decision. He said it was bad for business and bad for San Antonians with religious convictions.

“When it became a national news story, I found it embarrassing for San Antonio,” Brockhouse said. “Someone had to do something.”

Attorney General Paxton voiced the thought of Texans who love those tasty chicken sandwiches when he tweeted, “Come and take it.”

Jazz Shaw Jul 03, 2022 10:01 AM ET