Democrat freak-out: Reaction to Mueller report brings tears and jeers

The Mueller report is complete and Attorney General Barr has it in his possession. Trump supporters are rightly having a bit of a celebration because of Mueller’s statement that there are no more indictments coming out of the Special Counsel’s investigation. Democrats and their base, the mainstream media, reacted immediately. After 675 days of investigation, there is no joy on the left. It’s election night 2016 all over again.

The disappointment is real. MSNBC and CNN are the hardest hit from what looks like a report that will show that there was no collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow teared up on air as she spoke about the report. Chris Matthews indignantly asked, “How can Mueller let him off the hook?” Matthews is particularly bitter that President Trump was not “interrogated”.

Why was there never an interrogation of this president?” Matthews asked. “We were told for weeks by experts, you cannot deal with obstruction of justice charge or investigation without getting to motive. You cannot get to motive unless you hear it from the person himself who’s being targeted, a subject of the investigation.”

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss tweeted out the significance of the date, because Watergate, you know. Beschloss used the quote from John Mitchell about stonewalling because we have to be reminded about Nixon, right?

Hollywood celebrities are inconsolable. Actor George Takei, for instance, tweeted this deep thought. “The wheel of justice has many spokes.”

Jim Carrey tweeted a little wordplay with Attorney General Barr’s name.

Cher’s tweet was quite the hot take. She included the TransSiberian railroad (?) and Hitler and white supremacy. Because, Cher. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, y’all.

Political tweets, especially from Democrats running for president, spoke with one voice. The Mueller report must be released immediately. They all followed the talking points. There must be an accounting from Attorney General Barr and if necessary, subpoenas will be issued to require he appear before Congress to testify.

The disappointment is real from Democrats who had their hearts set on vindication that the president was going down. It’s as though they actually thought President Trump would be frog-marched out of the White House in leg chains. Or maybe a Roger Stone-type of FBI S.W.A.T. raid in the Oval Office. No fever dream fantasy has not been uttered thoughout this process.

The Obama alumni are trying very hard to remain calm and wait until the report is actually released for all to read.

After almost two years of almost daily pronounciations from Democrats and the media that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election, that Presdient Trump is a traitor, that treason was committed, that Trump is Putin’s puppet, the narrative pushed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign immediately after the 2016 presidential election is evaporating. This was always about the inability of the anti-Trumpers to accept the election outcome. The investigations will continue in Congress. The Democrats really have nothing else left at this point.