Pelosi and Schumer respond to Trump's address, looked like a hostage tape

The Democrats demanded air time to rebut President Trump’s address to the nation about the crisis on our southern border Tuesday night and it left me with one question. Why? The rebuttal was delivered by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. It was as bad as you would expect from those two people.

John wrote about President Trump’s address and I will say that I thought he did well. Trump does well when he stays on script. It was short and he didn’t ramble. Then it was time for Nancy and Chuck. Did you watch the clip of their response? Didn’t it look like a hostage tape to you?

The two of them standing there with dour expressions, maybe in hopes of looking serious, and even on her best night, Nancy Pelosi isn’t an effective public speaker. She delivered her remarks by speaking softly and staying on the script but she looked like a zombie. Chuck Schumer stood next to her and looked like a grumpy old man.

Emily Miller gave some helpful tips in case someone tells them to do something like this again. Optics are everything in politics.

The reason for the Democrat rebuttal was to call Trump a liar without actually using that word. They were to act as some sort of fact-check on the president’s address but they fell short on that. Mostly they used the time to insult and demean the leader of the free world.

The House speaker argued for border security, just not the pricey wall, while defending the migrant women and children crossing into the country saying they “are not a security threat, they are a humanitarian challenge – a challenge that President Trump’s own cruel and counterproductive policies have only deepened.”

Schumer followed up, hitting on many of the same points while suggesting that Trump’s primetime address during week No. 3 of the shutdown was merely a distraction.

“Most presidents have used Oval Office addresses for noble purposes. This president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear, and divert attention from the turmoil in his Administration,” the New York Democrat said.

They referred to closing 1/4 of the government as a temper tantrum because Trump can’t get Mexico to pay for the wall, er, steel slats barrier. How are we to take seriously their criticism that the president only wants to be a fearmonger and divide Americans when Democrats won’t even admit that border walls are effective? That claim alone flies in the face of common sense. Of course, border walls work. Democrats using that silly talking point need to be challenged to say which existing wall doesn’t work.

Pelosi said that women and children aren’t a threat at the border but that’s not true. They come in with MS-13 members and other bad guys and blend into their community. Those children grow up to be gang members. You may remember when San Fran Nan referred to MS-13 gang members as children of God when President Trump described their heinous violent acts as animalistic.

The Democrats want us to believe that Trump has manufactured this crisis. The fact is that the resources at the southern border are overwhelmed by the influx of migrants and there is no end in sight. On Christmas Day hundreds of migrants were released in El Paso with nowhere to go and no resources to sustain themselves. No city deserves to have to cope with that kind of invasion.

It all boils down to the fact that Democrats are doing everything in their power to deny President Trump a barrier to protect our border. It was his number one campaign promise to secure the border and build a wall. They don’t want Trump to get the campaign promise delivered. With the next two years of the House under Democrat control, we can expect more of this kind of drama. I feel for the government workers affected by this but they are not the first to deal with a shutdown. It goes with the territory when you work for the government.

I don’t think that either President Trump or Nancy and Chuck changed any minds. I am happy that Trump delivered his remarks in a reasoned way to explain the importance of border security. He should have done it two weeks ago. I don’t think the networks should have given time to the Democrats. Do you think they will do the same for Republicans when that time comes? Me, either. It shows how invested in the Democrat party they are and they no longer even try to hide it.

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