Joe Biden accuses Trump of "trashing American values"

Campaigning in rural Kentucky, in a Republican area, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden claimed that President Trump is “trashing American values.” It sounds like to me that Biden has run out of material as he hits the road for Democrat candidates and he’s probably gauging the public’s interest in his own fourth attempt at becoming president.

“He is just trashing American values the way he talks about people, the way he makes fun of people, the way he denigrates folks,” Mr. Biden said. “I got to tell you, I think there is a method to his madness because he wants you to get down in the mosh pit with him.”

That’s an odd way of putting it. Does Biden think that a person’s values are destroyed over the way another person speaks? Are we to believe that Biden thinks Americans are so fragile that the president’s tone will end an entire nation’s value system? His statement is just silly.

Joe Biden has been a politician his entire professional career. He entered Congress at the age of 29 and I find it disingenuous, to put it mildly, that he is offended by the tone of another person in elected office. Biden, you may remember, was caught on mic as telling President Obama that signing the Obamacare bill was a “big f***ing deal.” Spare me the delicate constitution now, Joe.

From the New York Times interview after the rally, Biden went on to admit that Trump appeals to working-class white voters, a base that the newly far-left Democrat Party struggles to win back.

In an interview after the rally, Mr. Biden did not hold back on his criticism of the president, saying that his attack on everything from federal courts to Republicans in Congress is about “amassing power.” Mr. Trump’s approach has been particularly effective among the white working class in rural America, Mr. Biden acknowledged, but Democrats need to re-engage and try to win back that vote.

“We can’t possibly in my view win the presidency unless we can begin to reclaim those white working-class voters that used to vote for us,” he said.

By “attacks”, you understand, Biden means success. Nothing aggravates the opposition more than the successes of this president. The reason folks in Kentucky, for example, support Trump despite his manner of speaking is because of his ability to bring successful business strategies into political policy. The American economy is on fire and workers are optimistic for the first time in many years. The malaise of the Obama years is over.

Naturally, the crowd burst into a chant – “run, Joe, run” – which no doubt validated Biden’s trip. The reason the Democrats have lost so much of working-class white voter support is that the party has been too busy courting and building their party on identity politics. It is virtually impossible, for example, for Democrats to win without the 90+ percent block of black voters.

As to American values, here’s how I see it. American values include the desire to work and support a family. Employment is at record highs across the board. There is no one segment of society that hasn’t seen a rise in opportunity during the Trump administration. The reason so many regular Americans just simply stopped voting in elections is because they no longer felt included and listened to by standard politicians delivering standard campaign speeches. Regular Americans know when they are having smoke blown up their butts by politicians promising everything yet delivering nothing for them.

When President Trump came along, he captured the imagination of the voters lost in recent elections. They didn’t care about his tone or how he spoke because to them, he sounds like one of their own. His thought process is completely transparent. My youngest sister was excited to vote for the first time in many years because she thought he’d be entertaining in the White House. She’s an Indiana voter and I think her state’s GOP primary showed the genius of Trump. While the race was down to two candidates, Cruz and Trump, (Kasich was hanging on but no one expected him to go anywhere) Cruz went the typical route of vying for the endorsement of Mike Pence. Pence was governor of the Hoosier state. Trump, however, knew what the people wanted. He went after the endorsement of former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, a legend to this day. Not normally a political person, Knight stumped for Trump and the people turned out for it. The endorsement of Knight was a very basic, simple decision by Team Trump but it was what finally tanked Cruz’s run.

American values include a sense of fairness and justice. Americans value basic constitutional rights. The right of due process was under attack during the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Trump fought back. This stiffened the spines of the Republicans who were then successful in getting Kavanaugh through the process. The judicial branch was the biggest reason I voted for Trump, most importantly the Supreme Court picks, and I certainly will do so again in 2020 if he continues to run for re-election.

American values include religious freedom. Trump speaks up for those wrongfully persecuted for their religious beliefs, whether it is over baking a cake or a missionary held hostage in a foreign country. Pastor Andrew Brunson will meet with President Trump at the White House Saturday afternoon. He is the 17th American held hostage by foreign countries for whom Trump has negotiated a release. Trump is only in his second year of his first term.

Trump’s opponents like to say that his America First policies are racist and about white nationalism. America First, though, is about bringing jobs back to Americans that have been lost from bad trade deals and cheap foreign labor in overseas factories. Regular America understood that from the beginning. Trump brought hope to those suffering the most from the shuttering of manufacturing plants. He spoke about technical college education and apprenticeships that lead to good-paying middle-class jobs. He didn’t promise free everything like the socialist left but a message of personal opportunity.

The new left leaders are trying hard to push us into a socialist nation. The old left is stuck in the past campaigns of reciting worn-out tropes – the GOP is racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic. Regular America isn’t buying it anymore. The Kavanaugh hearings ignited the conservative voters to get out and vote in November. Trump is to be credited for leading the way.

As long as the left fails to understand the message of Trump’s election victory, they will continue to lose. I’m fine with that.

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