New low in Kavanaugh battle: stop coaching girls basketball

There is no floor for the ugly accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The made-for-tv hearings brought forward a particularly vicious side of Democrats and protesting mobs Thursday in hopes of ending the Supreme Court nomination of Kavanaugh. I watched the whole mess play out Thursday and it was gut-wrenching.

One of the most emotional moments of Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judicial Committee for me occurred as he broke down talking about his daughters and his love of coaching girls basketball. I’ll first say that I don’t handle men crying well and I tear up over it every time. It is apparent to me that Kavanaugh truly loves coaching his daughters’ teams. He lamented that part of the aftermath of the Democrats’ character assassination of him may end his coaching days. Sure enough, an opinion piece in USA Today was more than happy to promote such a travesty. The ending paragraph is the kicker.

The nation is deeply divided. Sometimes it feels like we don’t agree on anything anymore. But credibly accused sex offenders should not coach youth basketball, girls or boys, without deeper investigation. Can’t we all agree on that?

The implication is, of course, that Kavanaugh has now gone from accused sex offender to potential pedophile. How else are we to interpret such a hideous comment? I don’t even want to think about where this goes by the end of next week. The mob mentality hell-bent on destroying Judge Kavanaugh, and this includes his family, knows no boundaries.

Let me go through some of my thoughts about the “intergalactic freak show”, as Senator John Kennedy called it. I think that is a great description of what we all witnessed. One of the biggest eyebrow-raising revelations for me is how badly the Democrats are destroying the #MeToo movement. Look at what they have done to Dr. Ford. It’s now come out that not only did Senator Feinstein connect Ford to her first attorney, Debra Katz (a Clinton lawyer) but her office more than likely leaked the letter from Ford to the press. If Feinstein’s office didn’t leak it, then her lawyer must have done so. The only other person to have the letter, in the chain of custody, was Rep. Anna Eshoo, to whom Ford went originally with her accusations. Allegedly Eshoo delivered the letter to Feinstein.

It can be argued that Christine Ford is no babe in the woods, as her legal team tries to present her as being. She grew up in an elite, privileged Washington, D.C. area community that produced life-long political connections. That is just a fact. She was savvy enough to take a polygraph test back in August and her social media accounts were scrubbed. Another revelation – she was administered the polygraph test either on the day of her mother’s funeral or the day after. How did that happen? Not only was Ford uncertain about the day but I cannot wrap my head around such poor timing. I thought it odd that she couldn’t remember the day specifically. I sure remember details from my mother’s death and sitting for a polygraph would be seared into my memory.

The timing of the polygraph test is yet another abuse of Ford by her own legal team. The most egregious abusive revelation though was to hear her say she wasn’t clear that she could be interviewed by committee staff in the privacy of her own home. She testified that had she known this, she would have gladly hosted them in her home. She could have been spared the torment of testifying before the Senate committee but Democrats wanted the theatre. The drama is key to delaying the nomination process moving forward.

Ford testified publicly. She’s now had her day before the committee to tell her story. I am one who said all along that I wanted to hear her tell her story. As she did, I was struck by how much pity I felt for her. I think she was coached by her legal team, as I expected, and her whole persona presented a woman in her fifties who sounds like a 12-year-old girl. She came off, to me, as a very troubled, naive woman. I assume that living a quite sheltered life spent mostly in the world of academia has taken a toll on her. She sounded confused about many details – in fact, she was unable to provide lots of details, some of them fairly basic ones. She was adamant that her attackers included Brett Kavanaugh, though.

I felt sorry for the woman and I was really angry at Feinstein, her staff, Ford’s legal team, and the Democrats on that committee. Dr. Ford is a pawn in the Democrats game of trying to regain political power. It is a sickening spectacle.

Let me clearly say that I completely believe that something bad happened to Dr. Ford. She clearly has been traumatized and is somewhat emotionally crippled by the experience. I don’t, however, think the person who is responsible for that trauma is Brett Kavanaugh.

The committee Republicans finally took control of asking questions as Judge Kavanaugh came before them. Again, it broke my heart to watch Kavanaugh’s testimony. Dr. Ford’s husband didn’t come to the hearing with her but Kavanaugh’s wife was with him. She frequently was in tears, as were his elderly parents and other supporters sitting behind him. Kavanaugh came prepared to defend himself and fight for his career and the survival of his family. Hallelujah. The Democrats were surprised that he did so with such emotion. How did they expect him to act? Did they expect him to come and sit there with a smile on his face, silently reaping the wrath of Democrats? Conservatives across the country cheered. Kavanaugh united the conservatives as no one else has been able to do since the election of President Trump.

I am thankful for the steel in the spine of Senator Lindsey Graham. He emotionally said enough is enough.  He was right to do so. His reaction was a turning point. Democrats expected Kavanaugh and the Republicans to roll over, as has been our record in recent years, but this time they went too far. Democrats showed themselves to be petty and unprepared for the level of emotion in the room. They concentrated on high school yearbooks and fart jokes. Senator Whitehouse was shown to be a joyless man unable to understand drinking games and high school boy slang. Senator Booker launched into a smorgasbord of Democratic talking points ranging from white privilege to the patriarchy. He himself, though, has written of his own sexual abuse of a drunk woman. Some of the Democrat senators walked out of the procedure to an awaiting microphone and then pranced back into the room for their time on camera.

Irony is dead. Senator Blumenthal lectured on honesty, though he has a past of lying about his military service in Vietnam. Senator Mazie Hirono told men to shut up. She also doesn’t think due process applies to Judge Kavanaugh because she doesn’t agree with his political philosophy. How did she graduate from Georgetown Law School? She is a 70-year-old woman who has done grave damage to the #MeToo movement with her inane statements to the press.

Dr. Ford could have been given the basic privacy afforded to whistleblowers. Instead, the Democrats paraded her before the world. Democrats were ginning up faux outrage over the demeanor of Judge Kavanaugh as he pushed back in his own defense. Republicans were extremely accommodating and respectful of both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, as they should have been. Both people deserved to be heard.

I am heartened to read that former President George W. Bush lobbied some of the fence-sitters for support of Judge Kavanaugh. Condoleezza Rice has done the same. Both personally know Kavanaugh and owed him as much.

The Democrats have gotten their way – there will be a week’s delay and an investigation into the accusations. Judge Kavanaugh has been through 6 previous FBI background investigations in his career and no one has ever mentioned any of this behavior. Ever. Dr. Ford’s own alleged witnesses don’t even agree with her recollection. Her lifelong friend denies knowing Judge Kavanaugh. There are many holes in her story. I believe she thinks her story is factual. I don’t believe her accusations of Judge Kavanaugh.

Here’s my final takeaway from Thursday. Dr. Ford exhibited much of the behavior I know to be true of victims of sexual assault. Judge Kavanaugh defended himself and his family with the vigor I would expect of a man. The Democrats – Senator Feinstein in particular – have not acted in good faith. Republicans have been left in the dark from the beginning, as has Judge Kavanaugh, of the accusations until the eleventh hour. Real America is watching and engaged. Weaponizing the #MeToo movement is backfiring. None of this helps abused women. Women sympathize with other women, yet we also have men in our lives that we love very much. We have husbands, sons, and brothers. We have male friends. We are outraged that men can be personally destroyed in such a way in a confirmation process over raw political ambition.

The old days of Senatorial decorum are gone. It began with the Democrats – specifically Senator Ted Kennedy – and the nomination of Judge Robert Bork. Democrats succeeded in scrapping his nomination. Then it was Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. Thomas defended himself and his nomination went through. I think Judge Kavanaugh will survive this process and be seated on the Supreme Court.

As Barack Obama said, elections have consequences. Real America has heard him loud and clear.

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