Democrat super-PAC files criminal perjury complaint against Kavanaugh

As you know, the past week included wall to wall coverage of the nomination hearing process before the Senate Judiciary Committee for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Along the way, we were subjected to daily hysterics from committee Democrats and protesters alike. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) had his big I am Spartacus moment, bogus as it was, and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) went down a couple of rabbit holes during her time for questioning which led absolutely nowhere but to the land of embarrassment for her.

Not discussed quite as much, though, was a prolonged line of questioning led by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) which at times sounded as though the senator had taken leave of his senses. The man, I thought, has gone through one too many confirmation hearings. (Leahy boasted that he has been in the Senate since 1974.)  The questioning involved Kavanaugh’s service in the early years of the George W. Bush administration as the White House Staff Secretary and his knowledge of some stolen emails from Leahy and other Democrats at the time. Leahy droned on and on and wouldn’t let it go, so I figured he was up to something.

Enter a Democrat super-PAC. The Democratic Coalition (they didn’t exactly break a sweat naming this one), founded by Jon Cooper, a former Obama campaign chair in Long Island, N.Y. and the Democratic Majority Leader of Suffolk County, N.Y. Legislature, along with co-founder Scott Dworkin, a podcaster, filed a criminal complaint with the Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice against Kavanaugh claiming he committed perjury in his hearing testimony before the Senate committee. Allegedly, an email has been found from 2002 that indicates Kavanaugh had knowledge that he claims he does not of the stolen emails. I found out about the filing from Twitter – where else?

The tweeter is particularly excited that the civil complaint, which will be filed Monday, will come before Judge Merrick Garland. (The flashing red light emoji is a nice touch, don’t you think?) Garland, you may remember from Kavanaugh’s testimony, is a friend of Kavanaugh on the D.C. Circuit Court. Small world. Denied a hearing himself, the Garland nomination continues to be a sore spot for angry Democrats, especially on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I’ll also remind you of the tweeter – she is the woman who came up to former EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt in the Washington, D.C. restaurant with her toddler on her hip and read a pre-written statement to Pruitt demanding his resignation as her husband filmed it all. I wrote about it back in July.

But, hold on says another source on Twitter. Not so fast, leftists. It seems that The Democratic Coalition guys aren’t really doing what they claim they are doing. They don’t have the ability to file a criminal complaint.

These are indeed serious times. Democrats couldn’t win the big election in November 2016 and are now stooping to making bogus moves against a Supreme Court nominee. It is all such a stupid waste of time. If only they would take all the energy of their hatred of President Trump and funnel that energy into productive activities – like recruiting capable candidates that don’t have to be tossed into a van and buying maps of the State of Wisconsin – they might one day see a different result. In the meantime, it’d be nice if #TheResistance would just get a grip. President Trump isn’t going anywhere.

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