Trump's approval rating with African-Americans hits record high

President Trump’s approval rating with African-Americans now stands at 21% but to read the latest polling results released by the NAACP, you’d think Trump was the most racist human being to walk the face of the earth. It’s their narrative and they are sticking to it, even if it means twisting poll results to do it.

The poll results were released Tuesday and it appears to be a vehicle to justify NAACP’s talking points. It is a never-ending charge from the left that President Trump is racist and the poll appears to be intended as a get-out-the-vote effort. The goal is to fire up minority voters and encourage them to disrupt politics as usual on a nationwide level. It’s all about flipping control of the House back to Democrats.

Today, the NAACP released results from a new poll, conducted for the NAACP by the African American Research Collaborative and Latino Decisions, pulling data from voters in 61 of the nation’s most competitive midterm races. The poll analyzed views of African American, White, Latino, Asian American, and Native American voters in these districts, which will ultimately decide which party controls the House.

There is no question that this is a left-leaning polling effort. Lot of people, myself included, no longer hold a very high opinion of polls after the really wrong data produced in the 2016 election. This poll should be taken with a grain of salt, too. Also, I’ll point out that polls are more accurate if likely voters are polled, not registered voters.

2,045 registered voters were interviewed in the 61 congressional districts deemed most competitive by Cook, CNN and Crystal Ball, and the overall poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.1%

Interestingly enough the poll unintentionally verifies the fact that President Trump’s favorability with black voters has risen to a record high, even with the constant drumbeat of claims that the president is the poster boy for racism in America.

In the NAACP poll, 21 percent of blacks approve of the president, up 3.5 percent over the Reuters poll, and his disapproval is 79 percent.

That is higher than the 14 percent approval among blacks that the latest Pew Research Center poll found.

And that 21 percent is far higher than the 8 percent of the vote Trump received in 2016, or the 6 percent Republican Mitt Romney received in 2012.

Still, Derrick Johnson, NAACP president and CEO, said, “Our analysis shows President Trump’s racism is a major factor in both why and how people will vote in the midterm elections. The poll confirms how Trump’s racism has not only divided the nation and polluted policy, but also serves as a key factor in motivating voters of color to disrupt politics as usual on a national scale.”

While the NAACP poll results report claims that African-American celebrity support plays no part in Trump’s rising approval rate, and in fact lowers his approval, was fact-checked to be a false claim. It simply defies reason that Kenye West’s support of Trump or even Dennis Rodman’s support plays no part in a bump in polling for the president. While most black voters may not pay much attention to it, certainly it helps with black men.

A fact check done by USA Today in May when Trump heralded their support said that the positive comments by West and Rodman did help Trump, at least among black men.

USA Today said:

Turns out, he was right, at least in part, according to a Reuters poll. The numbers were correct when examining black men, not the entire black community. Trump’s approval rating among black men increased in the week between April 22 and April 29, according to a Reuters poll. West made posted his series of tweet voicing support for Trump on April 25. It jumped from an 11 percent approval on April 22 to 22 percent on April 29. Among the total black community, it also nearly doubled, but the numbers were lower. His approval among all blacks increased from 8.9 percent to 16.5 percent.

In contrast, the NAACP poll results report said the following:

Trump’s strategy of trotting out black people to support him is not working, if it is intended to inspire African American support for him or his policies. Black celebrities like Kanye West or Dennis Rodman who support Trump do not help Trump’s support among African American voters. To the contrary, more than three times as many black voters say that black celebrities speaking on Trump’s behalf makes them less interested in listening to or supporting Trump’s ideas than black voters who say it would make them more open to listening to or supporting Trump’s ideas. A majority of black voters say these celebrities have no impact.

You can decide for yourself. Obviously, the NAACP is targeting districts that Democrats hope to flip in November. Normally, mid-term elections are not able to produce high voter turn-out numbers. This year will be different due to a hyper-energized Democrat base. I think turn-out will likely be more comparable to 2010 when the Tea Party energized dissatisfied Republican and conservative voters against President Obama and especially Obamacare.

The final takeaway is this: 21% is a good number for President Trump at this point in his first term, especially given the constant dragging he receives from the #Resist crowd. Racism is a charge that usually follows all Republican presidents and Trump is no different. Black voters notoriously vote in a block and I’ll take 21% approval any day.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on June 02, 2023