Resolution to remove Trump's Walk of Fame star unanimously passes

I’ve never been to Hollywood so I have never visited the Walk of Fame. I have to admit, though, it is probably the kitschy kind of tourist trap that I would want to see. I’m an excellent tourist. I like to see everything when I visit a new place.

Monday night, in a purely symbolic gesture, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously on a resolution to ask the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove President Trump’s Hollywood star. Mayor John Duran was quite pleased with the move and took to Twitter to announce the development.

From the exuberant use of hashtags at the end of that tweet, the mayor sure sounds like a swell guy, right? Ugh. The mayor, obviously anticipating criticism from Trump voters, said conservative politics has nothing to do with the resolution. Right.

During the meeting, Mr. Duran said the resolution “is not because of his conservative politics or his conservative policies. It is for the abuse of women, minorities, immigrants, the disabled … you’ve crossed a line of decency.”

“Unfortunately some of the comments made by the Trump supporters tonight are a reflection of that anger and angst and divisiveness. If anyone ever needed to solidify my vote on this, the Trump supporters who showed up tonight … pretty much solidified that what we’re doing is right.”

I wonder where this concern about decency was, though, as Hollywood built the New York business tycoon into a celebrity with a very well-known reputation for less than stellar personal behavior. The only thing that has changed is that now Trump is the leader of the free world and a Republican. They loved him when he was a Democrat and bringing in big ratings and revenue for the networks.

You may have seen the recent coverage of vandalism to the Trump star because cable news outlets took great glee in covering it. Well, most of them with the exception of Fox News. The star was destroyed with a pickaxe. The Trump deranged vandal was charged Monday, as coincidence would have it, with one count of criminal vandalism by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. The 24-year-old man even called the police to report his crime and turned himself in. The crime carries a maximum sentence of three years.

After allegedly smashing the star, Clay “called police and advised he had vandalized Donald Trump’s star and basically called on himself and said, ‘See you soon,'” Lt. Karen Leong, of the LAPD, told the Los Angeles Times.

He reportedly turned himself in at the Beverly Hills Police Department an hour later, where LAPD officers picked him up to take him into custody.

Sure. This all sounds perfectly normal. Trump’s star has been in place since 2007 in recognition of his work as creator and host of NBC’s The Apprentice. Now eleven years later, suddenly West Hollywood simply cannot handle that star being in place.

The 24-year-old wasn’t the first to try to destroy Trump’s star, though. Another man smashed the star a few days before the 2016 election and was sentenced to community service and ordered to pay $4,000 in damages. The first man said he was going to pay the second man’s $20,000 bail and meet him as soon as possible. There’s two of them now to trade stories – they can start a club. Hey, maybe they can get those two dorks that dressed as Russian soldiers and “guarded” Trump’s damaged star, along with a Russian flag.

Now I guess we wait to see if the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce takes the bait and removes the star. They released a statement that they had “no intention” of removing Bill Cosby’s star when that was demanded of them.

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