Congressional candidate calls First Lady a 'hoebag'

Well, that’s not a headline you see every day, even in the ugly political rhetoric of 2018. Mark Roberts, an independent congressional candidate in Oregon, responding to a tweet (of course), labeled First Lady Melania Trump as a #hoebag. Now House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants the guy’s Twitter account taken down.


The whole story is odd, to say the least. This man, Mark Roberts, is running to represent Oregon’s CD2. The incumbent running for re-election is Rep. Greg Walden. The district is solidly Republican. I’m not so sure the man is going about grabbing attention to his campaign in the best way possible. First Lady Melania Trump is three times more popular than her husband, President Trump.

Roberts set the Twitter storm off by replying to a tweet by Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk. Known for his own bombastic tweets, Kirk noted that Melania Trump’s White House office staff is very small, especially compared to the bloated number of staffers employed by former First Lady Michelle Obama.


The response from Roberts shown in the first tweet above took the discourse straight to the gutter. That is what led Leader McCarthy to respond. McCarthy is running for Speaker of the House when the current Speaker Paul Ryan retires in November.

Roberts doubled down, though, in the ugly tweets and continued with the FLOTUS bashing.

In a later tweet, Roberts continued to double down on the FLOTUS insult theme, particularly making a stripper reference toward Melania Trump. “You start whipping out $100’s and see how #classy she gets #makeitrain!” he tweeted.

Ah, yes. A stripper reference. I see what you did there, Mr. Roberts. This seems to be a pattern with Roberts on Twitter, though, and in his resume, too. The attention-seeking stunts are real.

Roberts took to his Twitter account to detail whether or not he was an independent or a Democrat and even challenged Melania Trump to sue him over his use of the word “hoebag” in the previous tweet. “I invite that hosebag [sic] to sue me,” Roberts responded. Among Roberts’s previous claims to fame was having sent in an audition tape for a role in the Vietnam War movie Full Metal Jacket and being an “expert Windsurfer.”


The last time Melania Trump sued someone for defamation, she won, by the way. Roberts may want to re-think that challenge. Meanwhile, Charlie Kirk makes a legitimate point about the First Lady in a recent tweet. He claims she is not the darling of the fashion world because she is a Republican First Lady. Mrs. Trump is a former model and always impeccably dressed. She is breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder the leftists despise her.

Celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz photographed Stormy Daniels, the stripper/porn star linked to President Trump, for a spread (no pun intended) in the pages of Vogue Magazine. Because 2018. Leibovitz has photographed everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Jennifer Lawrence and is the darling of the left. Photographing Daniels for the ultimate fashion magazine is a strong slap to the First Lady.

And far from being a last-minute addition to the publication, it appears as though Stormy’s appearance in Vogue has been in the works for some time, according to Conde Nast sources.

And while Stormy has certainly made quite the name for herself in recent months, she is – by comparison – one of the least well-known subjects to pose in front of Leibovitz’s camera.

The famed photographer has shot numerous stars for Vogue in the past, with the likes of Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Amal Clooney, Georgina Chapman,  Olivia Wilde, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington -all posing for her in the last year alone.


So, sure, you can see how Stormy Daniels fits into that roster of photographic subjects. There is no escaping Trump Derangement Syndrome. At least she isn’t said to be on the magazine’s cover.

I’ll finish by noting that there is a Democrat running against Rep. Walden and the independent conservative. And, that President Trump won the district by 20 points. I feel pretty confident saying Rep. Walden will be returning to Congress next January.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 09, 2023