Montana man quits state job over ICE subpoenas, cites moral decision

An article in the Washington Post told the story of Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts, a state government employee in Montana who abruptly quit his job as a legal secretary with the state’s department of labor rather than do his job. He claims he wanted no part of subpoenas issued by ICE for labor data that he would be responsible for processing. His secretarial duties were to assist the lawyers in processing the documents. Then he went public.

The social justice warrior with a background mired in an abusive childhood said he couldn’t possibly take part in something that would break up families, though he failed to offer up any evidence that these specific documents would do so. It’s all about this guy’s feelings. So he quit, though his wife works part-time as substitute librarian while she goes to graduate school, they have a four-year-old child, two cats and $900.00 in his bank account. Since he quit his job, he will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. How’s that for supporting his own family?

As I read, I thought that this is just someone who found an excuse to quit his job and blame it on ICE, and, no doubt, President Trump. It’s a stunt. Though the article doesn’t say how long the man has been employed with the state agency, ICE confirms that 14 subpoenas have been issued since 2014 from the Department of Homeland Security and the agency is required to respond.

Carl Rusnok, a regional spokesman for ICE, said the agency routinely issues subpoenas to local, state and federal departments, as well as private companies, as part of ongoing investigations. Rusnok declined to comment further.

Montana’s labor department has received 14 subpoenas from the federal Department of Homeland Security since 2014, and the state agency is legally bound to respond to them said its spokesman, Jake Troyer.

The most recent subpoenas requested UI-5 forms — quarterly wage reports filled out by employers in Montana, the Helena Independent Record reported.

Hmm. Who was president in 2014 when this began? Did this guy feel the same during the Obama administration when record numbers of deportations were happening? It would appear that it’s all about making an anti-Trump political statement.

“The Department is in communication with Jordon, and it’s our understanding his decision to resign is purely based on his personal opposition to the federal administration’s rhetoric on immigration,” Troyer said in an email to The Post. “Jordon’s involvement in the process of responding to subpoenas was limited to assisting attorneys with processing requests.”

Dyrdahl-Roberts, who has been critical of the “scandal overload” that he says has come to define the Trump administration, opposes hard-line immigration policies that have resulted in so many arrests. And he cringes at images of ICE agents scooping people away from their families, he said.

So, yeah, that is exactly what this is – a stunt that has now gone viral because it is anti-Trump.

He took to Twitter to announce his personal decision to throw his own family into financial jeopardy and even had the nerve to ask for donations of money to pay for groceries. No worries, the Twitterverse responded and he even received tips on employment possibilities.

His Twitter feed shows a talent for self-promotion. He even boasts that the woman who flipped off President Trump’s motorcade has started a GoFundMe page for him.

Jazz Shaw Aug 14, 2022 5:31 PM ET