Protest Outside an LA Synagogue Leads to Violence (Update)

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The pro-Palestinian protesters keep telling us they aren't anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist. But that becomes increasingly hard to believe when their latest target is a Los Angeles synagogue.


Police tried to move the pro-Palestinian group back.

More chanting:

Pretty soon things escalate as someone in the pro-Palestinian group tries to take an Israeli flag. An egg is thrown, then shoving and finally some bear spray.

Lots of police but they don't seem to be doing much to keep the two sides separated.

Finally the LAPD declares an unlawful assembly and seems ready to take action.

After some more scuffles, police finally push the pro-Palestinian group back, away from the synagogue. 

The two sides are briefly separated on opposite sides of the street, but it doesn't last for long. 

A fight breaks out with two people down on the ground.

The guy who was on the bottom of that fight ended up with blood all over his face.

More fights breaking out at random. Cops once again seem to be MIA.

Eventually the pro-Palestine group had enough. They were followed as they left the area. BTW, I think the people chanting "baby-killers" are on the pro-Palestinian side.


Remnants of the pro-Palestinian group being pushed toward the police line. Eventually some are let through. Others are being chased and hit.

Another straggler gets roughed up while police look on. Finally they clear the area.

Not sure when this happened but members of the pro-Palestinian group in a Range Rover were shouting back and forth and tried to turn their car around in the street. The driver and his wife were pulled out by police at gunpoint. Then police removed a small child from the back seat.

A local rabbi stated the obvious. A synagogue is not a good place for a protest.

"Doesn't belong here," said Rabbi Hertzel Illulian when asked about the violence in the area. "I don't think the Jewish would go in front of a mosque or the Christian people would go in front of a mosque to do such a thing, nobody would accept this, but here, when it comes to Jews and Israel everything is kosher, everything is okay."...

After the incident, the United Jewish Coalition issued a statement, which read in part:

"The Jews of Los Angeles are no longer safe. The events of June 23rd brought to life the darkest nightmare many of us hoped we would never witness on American soil."


Local politicians also condemned the incident. From an LA Assemblyman:

And the Mayor:

Even the governor condemned it as "antisemitic hatred."

Finally, here's a local news report on what happened.

Update: President Biden condemns the protest as antisemitic.

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