UCLA Protesters Set Up a New Encampment Yesterday

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

As the Chancellor of UCLA was testifying before congress yesterday, pro-Palestinian students created a new encampment, scuffled with police and briefly took over two campus buildings.


You may recall that the previous encampment at UCLA was cleared out by police three weeks ago. Yesterday they returned, or tried to, but they were eventually removed by police.

Photos of the new encampment showed at least two tents on the Kerckhoff patio Thursday morning. Students said private security and UCLA police were on site, apparently to keep the camp from growing.

“Please take the time to assess your risk before coming,” UCLA’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine wrote on social media. “We need support in numbers asap.”

Here's the initial call for numbers.

The LAPD issued a citywide tactical alert and officers responded to the quickly forming encampment.

A line of officers in tactical gear was positioned in front of the building near more protesters.

Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Becks and Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Safety Rick Braziel issued a statement indicating that the protesters were ordered to immediately leave the area.

"There is reasonable cause to find that demonstrators' activities, including erecting barricades, establishing fortifications and blocking access to parts of the campus and buildings, are disrupting campus operations," the statement said.

Initially there were only a few officers.


Protesters set up a barricade and immediately began chanting about the need to tear down walls.

A portion of the campus was closed and classes were moved online. Police refused to allow food deliveries (or anything else) to enter the barricaded area. A professor immediately began trying to whip up a frenzy about this "human rights violation."

Police blocked a food delivery robot at one point.

Eventually, a lot more LAPD officers arrived.

Students began scuffling with police and security guards who were trying to keep them out of the new protest/liberated zone.


Protesters were warned they would be arrested if they didn't clear the area.

With arrests imminent, students abandoned the new camp and walked over to Murphy Hall.

After that, they decided to occupy Dodd Hall and make it a private club.


They were not happy at having their occupied space invaded by cameras.

And eventually they resorted to violence.

But eventually police moved in and cleared the building. All the pathetic protesters could do was give them the finger from outside the building.

So that's it for UCLA encampment 2.0. Administrators reacted a lot more quickly this time. But who knows what the left-wing extremists will do next. We could see encampment 3.0 by this weekend.

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