Just Stop Oil is hoping to 'paralyze' London this week (Is it working?)

This group has been disrupting events for days. David highlighted some of the incidents which happened over the weekend. But there is apparently a concerted effort focused on shutting down traffic all around the city of London this week. Monday they held 30 separate disruptions.


It marked the most Just Stop Oil protests so far on any one day, with a total of 30 slow marches with between six and 25 protesters each.

The Met used “Section 12” powers to remove activists on streets across London on Monday morning as they tried to clog the capital’s roads.

Dozens of them were in Whitehall and Westminster, the City of London, Islington, Bermondsey, Paddington and Whitechapel as officers compelled them to get out of the street during their notorious slow walks…

It was reported over the weekend that the demonstrators hoped to “paralyse” London in one of its biggest protests yet, having seemingly taken over from the disruptive activism of Extinction Rebellion.

They haven’t paralyzed the city so far but they have pissed off a lot of London commuters with these stupid stunts.

Here’s another example:

Here they are marching near Parliament.


Eventually, some of those folks were arrested:

As one group was arrested another group would step into the street and the process would start all over again. This protesters complained she was arrested without being properly warned in advance.

There are apparently some more stringent rules regarding this behavior and it sounds like not a lot of sympathy from government officials:

Last night a Home Office source said: “These selfish, irresponsible eco-zealots should think about the hard-working Brits whose daily lives they wreck as they try to get to jobs, medical appointments or funerals.

“Make no mistake, their plans will be met with swift action by the police using the new powers granted to them by this government.”

The new measures include a 12-month prison sentence for protesters who block roads and a six-month prison sentence or unlimited fine for anyone who locks on to others, objects or buildings. Police will also be able to stop and search protesters they suspect are setting out to cause “disruption”.


A year in jail would probably put an end to this very quickly but I wonder if it will actually happen or if, as usual, everyone will be let off with a warning. Street disruptions were the main tactic but they also engaged in some vandalism.

Finally, at another street blockade one protester got hit and kicked after an angry motorist had his Mercedes struck by a van while in traffic.

This is obviously an organized effort which really is trying to disrupt the city. Hopefully police will take that seriously. The only way to prevent this from happening routinely is to make this effort a failure. The only way to make this effort a failure is to punish the people involved enough that fewer people are interested in repeating this stunt. It’s really going to be up to the courts.


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