One of Rand Paul's staffers was 'brutally attacked' in DC over the weekend

Jacquelyn Martin

The incident happened Saturday around 5pm in Washington, DC but wasn’t made public until today.

A police report seen by The Independent names the victim as Phillip Todd, a staffer on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, of which Mr Paul is the chief Republican member…

The MPD’s report says that Mr Todd was walking down the street with a companion when the attacker “popped out” from a corner where he was hiding and stabbed him without warning.

Mr Todd was able to grab the attacker’s arms and both of them fell to the ground, grappling, before escaping down the street with his companion while the attacker ran off in the opposite direction.


Fortunately, the staffer had a friend with him to help fight off the attacker. The attacker was quickly arrested and identified as a 42-year-old Glynn Neal who’d just been released from prison a day earlier. He’s literally a convicted pimp.

Federal Bureau of Prisons records show Neal was released from prison on Friday – the day before the stabbing.

He spent nearly 12 Years behind bars for compelling two North Carolina women to engage in prostitution through the use of threats.

There was a DOJ press release when Neal was convicted in 2011:

According to the government’s evidence, during May 2010, Neal and the two victims drove to Washington, D.C. from North Carolina to visit Neal’s aunt and other family members, including Ashley Neal. One victim was Neal’s girlfriend at the time; he had met her on a chatline in North Carolina a few months earlier. The second victim was the girlfriend’s friend.

Soon after arriving in Washington, Neal insisted that the women prostitute themselves. According to the government’s evidence, he set the rules and insisted that he be given the profits. Neal, in all regards, acted as their pimp. Over the course of the month of May 2010, Neal accompanied the victims as they walked the streets, set up dates, and posted an ad on Craigslist.

Neal regularly threatened both women that he would kill them or “beat them bloody” if they did not follow his rules or refused to engage in prostitution. Ashley Neal aided and abetted the scheme by preparing the women to go out and encouraging them to engage in prostitution.

Neal’s girlfriend called the police on May 28, 2010. Neal called her a few days later and threatened again to “beat her bloody” if she appeared in court. The defendant was found guilty of obstruction of justice for making that threat.


So he’s a violent loser who learned nothing from his prison sentence except maybe to be even more violent toward complete strangers. Here’s hoping he spends another long stretch behind bars where he belongs. If the judge wants to make it 20 years this time, I won’t object. Hopefully by the time he gets out he’ll be too old to hurt anyone else.

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