Mass shooting in Half Moon Bay, 7 dead and shooter under arrest

Over the weekend there was a shooting in Monterrey Park, California which killed 11 people and wounded several more. The shooter left the scene (a dance academy) and went to a similar dance business in a nearby town. Fortunately, he was disarmed at the second location before he could kill even more people. All of the victims were Asian and the shooter was an elderly Asian man who killed himself when police pulled over his vehicle.


This afternoon something similar happened in Northern California. Half Moon Bay is a town along the coast of California south of San Francisco. A gunman identified as 67-year-old Chunli Zhao killed seven people at two separate locations about three miles apart.

Seven people are dead and one is critically injured following shootings at two farms in Half Moon Bay this afternoon, a source confirmed to ABC7 News.

The shootings were reported at Mountain Mushroom Farm on San Mateo Road near Highway 1 and Concord Farms off Cabrillo Hwy S. First responders first received a call about an active shooter at around 2:20 p.m…

Chunli Zhao, 67, of Half Moon Bay, has been arrested in connection to the incidents, The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

Here’s video of Zhao’s arrest which took place in the parking lot of a police substation. Maybe he drove there to give himself up?

A closer view of the takedown but without any sound.

Here he is being walked out.


The San Mateo County sheriff made a statement to the media.

No one seems to be suggesting a motive so far but as the Sheriff mentioned a weapon was found in Zhao’s car. ABC 7 is reporting Zhao worked at Mountain Mushroom Farms and that the victims were his coworkers.

A source tells ABC7 News the suspect worked at one of the mushroom farms, and all the victims were coworkers.

Locals tell us Mountain Mushroom Farm is known to be a marijuana growing farm.

I’ll update this post a bit later tonight but for now here’s a local news report.


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