Only in Portland: Man chews off another man's face believing he was a killer robot

Florida man gets all of the attention but I’m pretty sure Portland is running a close second when it comes to news about people doing very strange things. Early Wednesday morning police responded to a call for assistance at a nearby MAX train station in Gresham, which is just east of Portland. They were told their had been a possible stabbing but that’s not at all what they found.


When they arrived, police found the suspect still attacking the victim.

In 911 dispatch audio from early Tuesday morning, a responder can be heard saying: “Half of this guy’s face appears to be chewed off.”…

The suspect gave police the fake name “El Baker” but they used fingerprints to identify him as 25-year-old Koryn Kraemer, a recent transplant from Georgia. KATU has more:

Officers arrived to find Kraemer still on top of the victim, identified as a 78-year-old man from Hillsboro, “gnawing on the side of [his] face.”

He reportedly didn’t respond to police orders to stop. He was taken into custody.

A probable cause document said the victim was rushed to the hospital. His entire right ear had been bitten off in the attack, and the skin on the right side of his face “had been ‘chewed down’ to the point where his skull was visible.”

In interviews with law enforcement, Kraemer said he tried to kill the victim because he believed he was a “robot,” adding he was sure he was robotic because of how he “smelled.”


Kraemer apparently admitted to using alcohol and drugs (pot and fentanyl) prior to the attack. He was recently kicked out of a room he was renting because his behavior turned destructive.

Kraemer did say that he’d been evicted from a house in St. Johns in November and was unemployed.

KGW’s Mike Benner spoke with the homeowner on Wednesday, who said that he rented a room to Kraemer for about a month. He said that Kraemer was pleasant and sweet when he was not drinking or smoking marijuana, but he said that something had changed recently. Kraemer started mumbling to himself and caused damage to the home until they kicked him out, according to the homeowner.

Before Kraemer’s change in demeanor, he told the homeowner that he’d attended Oberlin College in Ohio. The school’s athletics website lists Kraemer as a goalie on the men’s soccer team in 2015 and 2016.

So in the matter of maybe six weeks he went from having a place to live to being homeless and so out of his mind he chewed a man’s face off. Here’s the KGW report:


This isn’t even the only story about deranged people attacking strangers near a MAX train this month. Just last week a 32-year-old woman got out of her seat on a bench at a station and shoved a 3-year-old child onto the train tracks. Fortunately there wasn’t a train coming and the girl suffered minor injuries. Not surprisingly, the suspect is homeless and has a history of drug charges. Last year she was accused of slashing  a man with a knife but for some reason the progressive DA Mike Schmidt’s office couldn’t quite manage to bring charges in that case.

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