Details of the 911 calls made by the man who planned to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh

Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Yesterday we learned that the suspect in the attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh showed up at his home with bags containing a gun, a knife, pepper spray, zip ties and tools to break into his house. He told investigators he wanted to give his life purpose by killing Kavanaugh (before killing himself). Today, media outlets have gotten hold of the two 911 calls that Roske made shortly after he arrived. He made two calls. The first one was about a minute and ended when he couldn’t tell the dispatcher exactly where he was located. But he called back a moment later, gave an address and spoke to the dispatcher for about 14 minutes.


“It’s in a suitcase,” he told the operator when asked about the gun. “It’s a black suitcase. Um, it’s — I’m standing near it but the suitcase is zip-tied shut. … I just came from the airport.”

Asked if he had other weapons, Roske said, “There’s pepper spray. There is a knife. There are, there is, um, tools. No other firearms. No explosives, nothing like that.”

“And you said you came from California. Do you know someone down here?” the operator asked.

“Brett Kavanaugh … the Supreme Court justice,” he said.

“OK, and what were you coming to do?” the operator asked. “Just to hurt yourself and him? Or what was going to happen?”

“Correct,” Roske replied.

He told the operator he had figured out the address from using, in part, an article with a picture of the house and the street number as well as images from protests and the media.

I wonder what article he’s talking about. The Washington Post published an article about protests at Kavanaugh’s home but I don’t see any photos that show the house address. The group Ruth Sent Us posted street addresses for six justices along with TikTok videos showing the homes and some of the street addresses. But a Tik Tok video isn’t a story. Hopefully we’ll get more detail about this at the eventual trial.


There’s one more detail mentioned in this Post story that isn’t mentioned by CNN. In addition to his tools and weapons, he had special boots:

What he had packed in his bags, law enforcement officials said Thursday, underscored just how serious he was at carrying out his plan to kill the conservative justice: burglary tools, a gun and a pair of made-to-be-quiet boots with outer soles that could allow stealth movement inside a house.

“The boots with padding really raised red flags,” said Capt. Sean Gagen, commander of the Montgomery County Police Department’s Bethesda district.

As for his state of mind, Roske told the dispatcher he needed psychiatric help. In his first court appearance he sort of repeated that.

At a court appearance Wednesday afternoon, neither Roske nor his attorney addressed the specific allegations. When U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy J. Sullivan asked him if he understood the proceedings, Roske said: “I think I have a reasonable enough understanding, but I wouldn’t say I’m thinking clearly.”

As Sullivan inquired further, Roske said only that he was on medication and that he had taken that medication on Wednesday. He later clarified that he had “a clear enough understanding” to proceed. He remains detained pending further court proceedings.


I don’t see the full audio of the calls on YouTube yet but this one excerpt has been posted.

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